Sunday, 2013-10-06

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chrisjrnpraetorian: boop06:00
praetorianchrisjrn: yeah, i was wathcing it via my ipad11:38
praetorianten had streaming.. thankfully11:38
praetorianpoor webber11:38
praetoriandamn sutil!11:38
praetorianat least no lifts11:38
tpbTitle: Twitter / Mattzel89: Best use of the thermal cam ... (at
praetorianconfirmed: car is on fire11:49
praetorianand what was with that truck!11:50
hawkieowli don't know much about cars11:53
hawkieowlbut i'm fairly sure that's bad11:53
praetorianlets look at it from another angle11:54
hawkieowlesp. with what those f1 cars use for fuel11:54
hawkieowli don't want to be *anywhere* near that11:55
praetorianlet's just saw...11:55
praetorianwebber's car.. turned into a webber11:55
tpbTitle: Twitter / ADIRAclubMBR: F1 Korea Makin Seru !! Setelah ... (at
hawkieowlhopefully without the burnt meat smell11:57
hawkieowl(at least, that's what my parents' weber always smells like)11:57
praetorianno snags on that barbie11:57
* praetorian watches it for real now12:29
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mithroAre any of the PyConAU 2014 organisers about?12:36
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chrisjrnmithro: Who did you need to speak to?22:50

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