Monday, 2013-09-30

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HolocaineHrm. VFF can't assign seats on a VA flight sold as a DL flight.00:08
HolocaineSorry, not on long-haul.00:08
HolocaineSo I have good seats for my MEL-BNE and SYD-MEL legs but can't touch the others.00:08
praetoriani need to find a way that in my SYD->SCL->BOG->(maybe GRU)->SYD flights.. to fly something i can get SC with on VFF00:35
Holocainepraetorian: According to Matrix DL will do SYD-LAX-ATL-SCL and BOG-ATL-LAX-SYD with a LAN SCL-BOG in the middle.00:39
Holocainepraetorian: Of course that includes over 9 hours in a DL 767...00:40
Holocainepraetorian: NZ will get you as far as Mexico...00:41
praetorianmay have to see if i have some time to scoot up to america while im there00:54
praetoriani could think of someone i wouldnt mind seeing00:54
praetorianbut that would be in $(whereis Amazon)00:55
praetorianthat's the one.01:35
HolocaineThat's where I'm headed.01:35
HolocaineIn October.01:35
HolocaineAnd probably December.01:36
praetorianwell my other stuff is in early november03:26
praetoriani dont think we will cross paths.. but if we do, beer?03:26
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praetorianBROOM BROOM08:42
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