Friday, 2013-09-20

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Holocainechrisjrn: So SQ are fairly nice to fly with.07:13
chrisjrnyes, yes they are07:17
chrisjrnBeen ~9 years since I have though07:17
chrisjrnHopefully will get a chance in the next few months07:17
Holocainechrisjrn: The 77W from MEL to SIN seemed a lot older than VA's though.07:23
Holocainechrisjrn: Quite creaky on take-off.07:23
Holocainechrisjrn: Suspect SQ work them a bit harder than VA too, perhaps.07:23
chrisjrnwell yeah, they could be anywhere up to 9 years old :P07:23
HolocaineAnd the nice gate staff in SIN gave me a window on the A380 with a blocked middle.07:24
* Holocaine plots a trip into central London for lunch.07:33
HolocaineI've got a great view of the landing queue into LHR from my room.08:23
HolocaineThey just keep trooping past.08:23
chrisjrnit's almost as if it's a busy airport! :D08:26
chrisjrnI'd love to go to London one of these days08:26
chrisjrnI should take a side trip the next time I'm in the US or something08:26
tpbTitle: - Live flight tracker! (at
* Holocaine is about the same distance North of Brentford as the planes are South.08:26
chrisjrnseems like I'll never have a decent reason to go to Europe at this rate :P08:27
HolocaineYou should've gone to EuroPython!08:27
* Holocaine ducks.08:27
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HolocaineI made the mistake of trying to get a SIM for my phone on iPhone 5S release day.15:42
HolocaineThankfully the shop ran out of stock.15:44
praetorianof sims?20:22
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