Friday, 2013-09-13

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Holocainechrisjrn: Do you normally try to nail down seats in advance or just see if they'll give you good seats when you check in?04:49
chrisjrnI get "good" seats in advance\04:54
chrisjrnand then ask for better ones on checkin04:54
chrisjrnfailsafe always04:54
HolocaineTried booking Economy Comfort and it bitched about my credit card for some reason.04:55
HolocaineNot sure if it's that or the agent booking thing getting in the way.04:55
chrisjrngive the deltas a call?04:56
chrisjrnthey should have an AU number04:56
HolocaineWhy is BNE-LAX longer than SYD-LAX?04:58
chrisjrnit isn't05:03
HolocaineI thought SYD-LAX was 12-something hours?05:08
HolocaineBNE-LAX is 13-something.05:09
Holocainechrisjrn: So do you just call up and ask for the good seats?05:09
chrisjrnyeah, sure why not05:17
chrisjrnand SYD-LAX is 14:0005:17
HolocaineI had it in my head it was 12.5 hours.05:23
chrisjrnyeah no05:24
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