Wednesday, 2013-09-11

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Holocainechrisjrn: So will VA customers get access to the NZ/Star lounge at TBIT when it opens?10:29
chrisjrnIf flying on Air NZ, yes10:36
chrisjrnbut it'll be in TBIT, and that's not terribly useful if you're flying VA10:37
chrisjrnthough I hear that VA might be moving to TBIT in the near future10:37
chrisjrnbecause T3 sucks10:37
HolocaineYeah, that's what I was wondering.10:44
HolocaineIf VA move to TBIT, what lounge do they use?10:44
HolocaineAnd NZ's lounge opens in a few weeks.10:44
HolocaineWell, NZ's Star lounge.10:45
chrisjrnit'd be NZ's lounge most likely10:45
chrisjrn(NZ do own a large portion of VA)10:45
chrisjrn"Air New Zealand owned and operated domestic and international lounges**10:45
HolocaineYeah, it's just whether the Star Alliance bit causes issues or not.10:46
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HolocaineSince I think it's NZ _operated_ but I'm not sure if it's NZ _owned_.10:46
chrisjrnhah, yes10:49
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Holocainechrisjrn: Apparently all the TBIT lounges are alliance-aligned.11:20
Holocainechrisjrn: Which means VA could cut a deal to get access to either Star via NZ or SkyTeam via DL, assuming the alliances permitted it.11:20
chrisjrnmy guess is it'll be NZ11:23
HolocaineI'm guessing DL runs the SkyTeam one.11:27
chrisjrnDL runs out of T5 exclusively11:31
Holocainechrisjrn: Looks like KE run it.11:55
chrisjrnseems plauasible11:56
chrisjrnnice that it's an Asian airline11:56
chrisjrnmeans higher standard than Delta :P11:57
HolocaineI wonder if VX/LAX would ever get around to renovating T3.11:57
chrisjrnOnce VX have the money11:57
chrisjrnand once they get Jetblue and Frontier to agree to it11:57
chrisjrnPROBABLY NOT, LOL11:58
Holocaine#1: SHOWERS11:58
Holocaine#2: ACTUAL FOOD11:58
chrisjrnnot a chance11:58
chrisjrnit's a domestic lounge11:58
chrisjrnand it's meant as a domestic lounge11:58
HolocaineDon't care.11:58
* Holocaine stamps his little foot.11:59
chrisjrnyyour foot is very little11:59
HolocaineOf course I don't get showers in the lounge at SIN either but at least they have places where I can just pay for a shower.11:59
praetoriani tried to use one of those in JP12:00
praetorianwas a wait :<12:00
chrisjrnIf I end up going through SIN later this year12:00
HolocaineSurprised nobody's doing that at LAX.12:00
HolocaineWell, less surprised given the utterly fucked structure of the airport but anyway.12:01
praetoriani want to go to japan again12:01
praetorianever been in Colombia? what's the lounge situation like there?12:02
chrisjrnI hear Avianca is really nice? :P12:02
* Holocaine is going to find out what the Brisbane Koru lounge is like soon.12:03
praetorianchrisjrn: lol.12:03
praetoriani may be going to there soon.12:03
praetorianBOG probably.12:03
chrisjrnHolocaine: Broom cupboard12:04
praetorian`Avianca's main hub' .. ha12:04
HolocaineWell, I'm going to find out what the Melbourne SilverKris, Singapore KrisFlyer Gold, London SilverKris, Brisbane Koru, and Seattle Sky Club are like.12:05
chrisjrn1) Meh, but at least it's new12:07
chrisjrn2) Actively awful12:07
chrisjrn3) I've heard decent things about it12:07
chrisjrn4) Broom cupboard with barely a window12:07
chrisjrn5) It's a sky club. What do you expect?12:07
HolocaineLAX Sky Club wasn't bad.12:07
HolocaineIt had showers and gin and tonic.12:07
chrisjrn... yes it is12:07
chrisjrnYou have to pay for the G&T12:07
HolocaineBoth of which were quite welcome.12:07
HolocaineI didn't.12:07
chrisjrnYou do now12:08
HolocaineDurn. When did that happen?12:08
chrisjrnIt moved to full-service paid bar in July12:08
chrisjrnjust before I had to use it12:08
HolocaineThat sucks.12:08
HolocaineAt least I won't have to pay $50 to pay for my drinks.12:08
chrisjrnExploring the possibility of DroidCon India in late November...12:10
chrisjrnWould mean doing the whole SQ thing12:10
HolocaineWell I'm off to London next Wednesday (Tuesday night)12:11
Holocaine12:05am departure, baby!12:11
chrisjrnSounds good12:11
Holocaine77W to SIN then 380 to LHR.12:11
chrisjrnthat's an 8 hour flight that you can sleep through12:11
chrisjrnAnd this is welcome:
HolocaineAnd then, just to switch it around, 77W from LHR to SIN and 380 from SIN to MEL.12:12
tpb<> (at
HolocaineI wonder how much that costs.12:13
HolocaineAnd whether it's worth it for my LAX-SEA and SEA-LAX legs.12:13
chrisjrnI'd definitely take it up on the Cehnehdeir12:13
chrisjrnbut there's no frequent flyer benefit12:13
HolocaineAUD32 per leg. Means, with discount, $48 for both.12:29
HolocaineI think I'll take it.12:29
HolocaineAnd now, bed.12:31
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Holocainechrisjrn: Ah har. I have found out the confusion. LAX Sky Club has "Luxury Bar" which means _premium_ stuff is for sale but basic stuff is still free.23:57
chrisjrnthe basic stuff is quite limited23:59
HolocaineYeah, but I got two gin and tonics.23:59
HolocaineAnd that was at the full-service bar.23:59

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