Monday, 2013-09-09

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Holocainechrisjrn: I think I've solved the Delta discount vs full-fare points question.23:05
Holocainechrisjrn: Delta L is discount, Virgin L is full-fare.23:30
Holocainechrisjrn: If Delta L books you a Virgin L...23:30
Holocaine(My flights were L last time)23:31
chrisjrnOh magic. I'm hanging onto that as a way to see if I can book upgrades ;)23:35
Holocainechrisjrn: Assuming my boss sends his approval through in time, I should have a Delta U on the way over and a Delta L on the way back as code-shares on this next trip.23:40
Holocainechrisjrn: So I'll have confirmation either way.23:40
HolocaineVia BNE on the way over, for a change.23:41
HolocaineOh, and that's also making the assumption that AMEX actually booked the classes I expected, which isn't what happened with SQ… =/23:42
HolocaineWe shall see.23:42
chrisjrnI like being able to book my own travel for that exact reason23:43
HolocaineAMEX seem to get access to classes I don't for some reason.23:45
HolocaineOr seats in a class I don't.23:45
HolocaineOr, alternatively, Matrix is a bit screwy at points.23:46
HolocaineI note that it's been very bad at showing the Virgin/Delta routings between MEL and SEA lately.23:46
HolocaineI've been doing a Matrix check as background and then going to to work out what I actually want.23:46
chrisjrnMatrix should show up all of the VA/VX codeshares23:47
HolocaineDo MEL-SEA return depart Friday 12 October return Saturday 19 October.23:47
chrisjrnFriday 11 October?23:48
HolocaineYeah, that one.23:48
HolocaineIt's _really_ bad at showing departures for Friday 12 October.23:48
chrisjrnIt finds Delta just fine23:49
chrisjrnbyt not VA23:49
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HolocaineI suspect it might be missing the VA codeshares on VX or something.23:49
chrisjrnAhaha, but if you put VA,DL+ as a routing code, it finds VA just fine23:49
HolocaineI'm happy with DL though. It's a Cehnehdehr 900 from LAX to SEA but I can get a shower.23:50
chrisjrnI thought they deferred to Alaskan for that route?23:50
HolocaineSFO-SEA, yes.23:50
HolocaineLAX-SEA, no.23:50
HolocaineThere's even an actual honest-to-god DL flight from SEA to LAX.23:50
HolocaineLike, not even Delta Connection.23:50
chrisjrnhuh. That's intrigulating.23:50
HolocaineI'm on an DL 738 from SEA to LAX on the way home.23:51
HolocaineBut yes. Shiny Gold card and onward DL-related flight -> SHOWER AT LAX23:51
chrisjrnMY FAVULITE23:52
HolocaineThis new NIN album is growing on me.23:52
HolocaineC'arn AEC. Stop updating the boring divisions.23:57
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