Sunday, 2013-09-08

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chrisjrnHolocaine: If I run, I'd almost certainly have three tickets, each preferencing the three major parties09:52
HolocaineThe SEP "my vote means nothing after me" approach.09:53
HolocaineSocialist Equality Party.09:54
chrisjrnMy line would be "put me first, and then vote for who you want, but if you vote above the line, then your vote is for me and me alone"09:54
HolocaineThe file three tickets. Ticket #1 (for argument's sake) goes them and then Greens and then the rest of the ballot in order from there. Ticket #2 does the same except ALP, ticket #3 is the same except Coalition.09:54
chrisjrnOh, mine would throw ALP -> LIB -> GRN in a circle09:55
chrisjrnmake sure all preferences are absorbed09:55
HolocaineMaybe we should form a non-party and I'll run in Vic. =)09:58
Holocaine"We don't commit to agreeing all the time but we're generally supportive of the others' views."09:58
chrisjrnI'm planning on forming a non-party09:58
chrisjrnsolely because you need two candidates to form a non-encumbent GVT09:59
HolocaineWell you can run unendorsed but it's the equivalent of using your ISP email address as your business email.09:59
chrisjrnYou can name a GVT, no?09:59
HolocaineOnly if you're a party.10:00
HolocaineOtherwise you'd be UNENDORSED - NEUGEBAUER, Christopher10:00
chrisjrnNo, you aren't10:00
chrisjrnyou're allowed to list yourself as Independent10:00
HolocaineWell, blank on the form.10:00
HolocaineYou can have a group as an indie.10:01
HolocaineBut you can't name the group as an indie.10:01
chrisjrnFees are higher if you want to create a party though, right?10:01
HolocaineSo you'd need to register the Generic Progressive Party.10:01
HolocaineOr somesuch.10:02
chrisjrn"That Electoral Group"10:02
HolocaineWell you need 500 signatures and a four-figure fee to register as a party, then there's the nomination fees for running.10:02
HolocaineThat said, I'm fairly sure that between us and the people we know we could get everything we needed together.10:02
chrisjrnRun a Pozible?10:03
HolocaineThat too.10:03
chrisjrnCould be fun10:04
HolocaineThe No Relation Party.10:05
chrisjrnAnyway, I'm pretty convinced that it'll be a DD election next time around -- there's no way that Abbott wouldn't burn political capital to dismiss an unworkable senate10:05
HolocaineDepends on how unworkable.10:06
HolocaineIf the Greens don't have balance of power then he just has to corral a pack of nutbags.10:06
chrisjrn8 political blocs on the cross benches?10:06
HolocaineDepending on the nutbags, getting the carbon tax stuff through wouldn't be hard.10:06
HolocainePretty sure he could buy them off to get an NBNCo sale through.10:07
chrisjrnXenophon; DLP; 2x Palmer; 1x Sports; 1x Motoring; 1xLDP; 1xFFP; Greens10:07
chrisjrnThree of them have absolutely no political experience10:07
HolocaineXenophon, Palmer, Motoring, LDP and FFP would all fuck off the carbon tax.10:07
chrisjrnXenophon wouldn't10:07
HolocaineAnd anyway, that's not concrete numbers yet.10:08
chrisjrnbecause he fundamentally disagrees with the Coalition's alternative10:08
HolocaineSo they put it through as two separate bills.10:08
HolocaineI'm fairly sure Tony won't weep if he has to do nothing.10:08
chrisjrnI doubt Xenophon would vote in favour of repeal of carbon tax with no alternative on the table10:09
HolocaineHe's one vote.10:09
HolocaineThe DLP could be bought, most likely.10:09
chrisjrnit's true10:09
chrisjrnDLP doesn't need to be bought on Carbon tax10:09
chrisjrnI reckon budgets might be more of a pain10:10
HolocaineRam the tax repeal through, put up Direct Bullshit as a separate bill, gets knocked back, gets to run the "Greens are hypocrits" line, goes to bed a happy man.10:10
chrisjrnpaying off a pile of special interests10:10
chrisjrnAnyway. I reckon a DD's pretty certain, and I figure a quota would be pretty easy to attain in Tas under those circumstances10:15
HolocaineLike I said, depends on the nutbags.10:15
chrisjrnjust have to figure out a platform that can get enough major party preferences10:15
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chrisjrnpraetorian: evening11:55
chrisjrnit is the F1 time!11:56
praetoriantho im going to be so distracted via it11:56
praetoriantrying to get a website back online at work11:56
praetorianinternal one.11:56
praetorianit died.. on saturday afternoon... hdd dead11:56
praetorianno backups!11:56
praetorianbut i had a copy of the database from may .. thankfully11:56
praetorianso im using log files to try and piece together what is missing11:57
praetorianthis is confusing12:02
praetoriani think someone.. rather then creating a new report each time..12:02
praetorianupdates the old one with new details12:02
praetoriani.e. i have this, first one is from the log, second is from my db from may12:02
praetorianDaily Sales - The Wiggles - WEC12:02
praetorianDaily Sales - ICRL Final Series - WIN12:02
praetoriansame id.12:02
chrisjrnIt's time!12:03
praetorianOMG SHE IS12:04
praetorianwhat a stupid stupid person this is12:04
praetoriani think paul's missing some car12:05
chrisjrnA fair bit of car, it seems12:05
praetorianhamilton is going to be quiet all race12:16
praetoriangoing to be great12:16
chrisjrnhe's going to lose his tyres because he can't read his pit board12:23
chrisjrntoo late :P12:23
praetorianit seems people dont create new ones.. they just ..u pdate old ones12:27
praetorianhow whacked12:27
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