Sunday, 2013-09-01

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praetorianfuck you telegraph.00:33
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chrisjrnHolocaine: like my new twitter DP?08:35
praetorianis that like avatar? :P08:37
chrisjrnyes darl09:44
Holocainechrisjrn: Could you turn it into an "I voted below the line" graphic suitable for a Redbubble t-shirt? =)10:03
chrisjrnWhat, like
HolocaineAlmost. I might have a play with it myself.10:07
* Holocaine wonders how insane he'd have to be to try and get an Oystercard at Heathrow...10:11
chrisjrnAsk twitter whether anyone would sell you one?10:13
HolocaineI can buy one online, and there appears to be a place based in Melbourne that'll sell them.10:14
HolocaineContemplating asking if I can drop in and pick one up.10:14
HolocaineI used to have one when I lived there but I have no idea where it's got to.10:14
HolocaineAnd I wouldn't want to rely on it still working.10:14
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