Thursday, 2013-08-29

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chrisjrnHolocaine: ping04:38
HolocaineBe nice to me, I'm not a web designer. =P04:39
chrisjrnneither am I04:39
chrisjrnGiven you clearly support a Greens candidate in the Senate... do you care about e.g. the Pirate Party getting funded?04:41
HolocaineThe bit where they miss the point that you just delivered the HTML ballot feature they were after...04:41
chrisjrnI had no idea that it was a thing you hadn't launched yet04:42
chrisjrnHold on04:42
HolocaineIt's been live for all of about 10 minutes. =)04:42
chrisjrngood good04:43
HolocaineAnd it even works on phones!04:43
HolocaineWell, on my iPhone.04:43
chrisjrnwell, It gives you a layout that makes sense on phones04:43
HolocaineYou can be my Android guinea pig. =)04:43
chrisjrnthat was what I cared about04:43
HolocaineIt spreads out to four columns on larger screens.04:43
chrisjrnLooks pretty damn good on a phone04:43
HolocaineAnd I've geared it so the renderer for that actually dumps it to a static file and nginx will serve that in preference to hitting the renderer again.04:44
HolocaineSo between that and Cloudflare it should be available on the day.04:44
chrisjrnthe header expansion looks pretty weird04:44
chrisjrnand that's a very cool way to do it04:45
chrisjrnare you going to spin up more instances on polling day?04:45
HolocaineI'm going to try spinning some up this week or next just to get comfortable with it.04:45
HolocaineTBH the site's mostly static content.04:45
HolocaineThe only bits that could get hurt are the geo, storage and renderer backends.04:45
HolocaineAnd with this nginx try_files trick I've gotten the renderer out of the HTML ballot view path for all but the first hit.04:46
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praetorian'dear mr sinclair, want platinum? spend some more money!'12:15
chrisjrnStatus Credits offer?12:19
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praetorianjust a push to go to platinum.12:34
praetoriandont think i will get there ;)12:35
praetorianit does seem in the future i may be flying to brazil for a week.. every 3 months or something12:35
praetorianthere's qantas platinum easily.12:35
chrisjrnI'm pretty damn close to requalifying for next year12:40
chrisjrnafter my points upgrades to LAX and back credited at full-J rather than flexi rate12:40
praetorianim probably losing some sc's now13:21
praetorianbecause they are expiring13:21
praetoriannext ones expire in november.13:21
praetorianhey.. i only need 380 more sc13:21
praetorianwhat's tha email talking about!13:21
praetoriani had 40 sc exire since start of august13:23
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