Monday, 2013-07-29

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praetoriancool cool00:10
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praetorianmy gold card came06:22
praetorianit has the global pass in it06:22
praetorianautomatically it seems?06:22
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Holocainepraetorian: IIRC if you don't activate it it just doesn't do anything.10:02
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praetorianHolocaine: *nod* i was going to activate it anyway10:23
HolocaineI'm planning on giving it a bash when I'm in the UK at the end of August.10:23
praetorianits so cute how the golb box like.. slides from either end10:24
HolocaineI should be discovering this for myself soon. =)10:24
HolocaineAlso: 4,000 points from hotel stays.10:25
HolocaineWould've been even more if the SFO Hilton hadn't been out of rooms at EMC's rate. =P10:25
praetorian"verify your identity"10:27
praetoriandrivers license:10:28
praetorianqld sa vic wa act10:28
praetorianno other states at this time10:28
HolocaineNSW is full of evil fraudsters.10:28
HolocaineYou are all Eddie Obeid.10:28
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praetoriani dont think thats my phone number10:29
HolocaineI rest my case. Fraudsters.10:33
HolocaineOptions we could select in our build system: "Do NOT increment build number. Do not use."10:34
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praetorianactivating the card is weird.13:23
praetorianYour Global Wallet Account statement is available online13:23
praetoriani have no idea if the card is even active tho.13:23
praetorianbecause i got this:13:23
praetorianYour verification against the Credit Bureau has been unsuccessful13:23
praetoriantho it does say `Please note, this is a notification to advise you of the status of this check only. Don't worry, you can still continue and complete your identity verification to activate your Global Currency Wallet'13:23
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praetorianis qantas valid two years?13:40
praetoriannope. 12 months. odd.13:41
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