Sunday, 2013-07-14

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bignosexfxf: can you update this channel topic s/videos will appear/videos are/00:26
bignosechrisjrn: can you update this channel topic? s/videos will appear/videos are/00:47
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chrisjrnbignose: Sure02:14
*** ChanServ changes topic to "PyCon Australia -- August 2014, Brisbane, Queensland | 2013 Schedule: | PyCon AU 2013 now available at"02:14
bignoseor maybe even point people to since those are now up. not sure which is the preferred place to mention.02:23
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HolocaineHello from Seattle!06:11
praetorianhello from irc.06:52
chrisjrnhello from IRC in Sydney!07:11
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praetorianchrisjrn: *g*07:53
praetorianhow long are you here / where are you?07:53
chrisjrnpraetorian: I'm currently at the Hilton; am until tomorrow sometime when I fly out08:02
chrisjrndoing drinks etc for a decent bit of the evening08:03
* praetorian is currently at work08:07
praetorianwhere are you having dinner?08:07
chrisjrnI'm thinking King St Brewhouse at this point08:08
chrisjrn(down on Darling Harbour)08:08
praetorian(king st wharf)08:08
chrisjrnYes indeed! :P08:08
chrisjrnAnd then possibly trying te cocktails downstairs at the Hilton, given that their meny looks quite good08:08
praetoriantheir men-y eh? ;)08:09
praetorianhaha. well, atm CRS hates me. i dont think im leaving here yet.08:10
chrisjrnYAY! :D08:10
praetorian(CRS, but no one here has ever heard of it)08:10
praetorianit was part of
tpb<> (at
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praetorianit's tims08:13
praetorianby the look08:13
chrisjrnyeah, and Tim should know better08:13
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praetoriandidnt go out?11:47
* praetorian is still working11:47
praetorianbut i went home11:47
chrisjrnI did, but am now in bed -- I have a corner room at the hilton11:47
chrisjrnso my view is up George St in one direction11:47
chrisjrnand down the Western Distributor (?) in the other11:48
praetorianone direction are at coles tho11:50
praetorianmotogp is on soon11:50
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praetoriantserong: how's the body?12:00
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