Thursday, 2013-07-11

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micolous_where can i find the magical password for getting the norwegian blue coffee?02:13
micolous_i presume it's in one of the keynotes02:13
chrisjrnmicolous_: It's BeautifulPlumage02:15
micolous_ah cool02:15
Quadlexchrisjrn: Have you slept the sleep of the dead?02:16
chrisjrnQuadlex: not that I know of?02:19
QuadlexYou must be Conference Organizer Level Exhausted still then -_-02:21
chrisjrnyeah, have to delay it until the weekend. A few days of real life, before I go overseas for a month02:21
QuadlexOoo, good overseas or bad overseas?02:22
chrisjrnGood overseas02:22
chrisjrnI have a couple of conferences in North America to present at02:22
chrisjrnSo I'm off doing that for a month :)02:23
QuadlexWhere abouts?02:23
chrisjrnConferences are in Portland (oregon) and Toronto02:24
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chrisjrnbut also doing Vancouver, San Francisco, and New York02:25
GrahamDumpletonchrisjrn: But you will not get to PDX before I leave.02:25
QuadlexNice!  Don't go out of your way to get to Voodoo Donuts02:25
GrahamDumpletonFound a good bottle shop with good range of ginger beers.02:26
chrisjrnGrahamDumpleton: Well that's entirely your fault isn't it?02:26
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Quadlexbut DO go out of your way to visit Lucky Labrador, Le Bistro Montage02:27
GrahamDumpletonGot ginger syrup as well. Going to try it tomorrow.02:27
QuadlexOh, and in SF head to Sauce (The Gastropub), Super Duper Burger and Showdogs02:29
QuadlexOH!  And you'll need your passport in Oregon at bars; They don't accept foreign drivers licences as proof of ID02:30
QuadlexAhem.  Sorry.  Foodie.02:31
GrahamDumpletonI do the rounds of a few Japanese restaurants when in Portland. In Masu right now.02:33
GrahamDumpletonWent to Yama down Pearl a couple nights ago.02:34
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GrahamDumpletonGreetings freakboy-02:37
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bignosechrisjrn: woo, PyConAU 2013 videos online at YouTube <URL:>04:03
tpb<> (at
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Speckchrisjrn: Hello.06:39
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