Tuesday, 2013-07-09

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Holocainepraetorian: Mr. Sturmfels would like to join your carload if he'll fit.00:31
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peytHolocaine: carload all the things.01:14
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praetorianhe'll fit01:18
praetorianso i read up on what you can carry on board alcohol wise01:20
praetorianonly up to 5kg, so no overhead kegs01:20
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peytSo obviously Holocaine will need to tweak pycon-meetup to include a distributed-alcohol-transport feature.01:46
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praetorian"patches welcome" ?01:54
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praetoriandammit. 3F is available on my MEL->SYD flight02:53
praetorianbut i checked in already.02:53
praetorianspeaking of lounges02:58
tpbTitle: Airport on upward trajectory Tasmania News - The Mercury - The Voice of Tasmania (at www.themercury.com.au)02:58
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chrisjrnpraetorian: cute. the airport's acknowledging Virgin's plan for a lounge04:28
chrisjrnalso, capacity for it! :O04:28
QuadlexHobart airport?04:29
QuadlexI want to know why there were not Qantas check in machines but there were Virgin04:29
QuadlexI also want my magic bag tag04:29
HolocaineQuadlex: Because the number of VA flights is way higher than the one or two QF flights each day.04:29
HolocaineQuadlex: And anyway, why aren't you checking in online?04:30
QuadlexErr, s/Virgin/Jetstar04:31
QuadlexHolocaine: I have physical baggage04:31
HolocaineQuadlex: Yep, you can still check in online and then hand your bags over when you get there.04:31
QuadlexNo emotional though, I never learned PHP04:31
HolocaineQuadlex: It's what I did on the way over.04:31
Quadlex...huh.  How do you get a luggage sticker?04:31
HolocaineQuadlex: Walk up to the bag drop counter and show them your boarding pass.04:32
QuadlexOh.  Meh.  That's no faster04:32
HolocaineBag drop queue moves faster.04:33
HolocaineAnd by checking in online you get first pick of seats. =P04:33
QuadlexI like the machine because there's always some free04:33
QuadlexBecause they scare old people04:33
QuadlexAnd infrequent flyers who don't realize they're for everyone to use04:33
HolocaineThere's never a queue to use my phone. =)04:34
QuadlexAnd thn I don't have to queue or talk to filthy dirty humans04:34
praetorianchrisjrn: 75 is tiny04:49
praetoriantho in hba, maybe way big enough04:49
praetoriandoes gold on qantas get amagic bag tag?04:49
praetoriani dont queue either04:50
praetoriani just go to priority04:51
praetorian..tho there was one time that queue was longer than bag drop04:51
praetorianthat was evil04:51
QuadlexSilver gets magic tags04:55
HolocaineMagic tags would be fun but I'm happy flying VA at the moment.04:56
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praetorianQuadlex: oh, nice05:26
praetorianQuadlex: you here or at 429?05:26
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becomingGuruThis is what I got to complete in the sprints! http://j.mp/lp-usesthis Feedback welcome!05:30
QuadlexHome now05:32
praetorianahh k05:33
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tsukasa_auchrisjrn: Do you know when the videos from this year will be uploaded?07:52
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tpb<http://ln-s.net/-PiE> (at tiu.ergonaut.org)09:21
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praetorianthere was a *rock* or something in my salad10:09
tsukasa_auMakes the meal "organic" right?10:10
QuadlexSalt is a rock.10:14
QuadlexErgo rocks are good in salad10:14
QuadlexUsing non-standard rocks makes the meal haute cuisine10:14
QuadlexInsalata Caprese with smoked tomato, buffalo mozzeralla, freshly picked basil and pumice10:14
praetorianHolocaine: my mel fight was cancelled10:19
praetorianso im pushed to an earlier flight10:20
praetorianwhich is late10:20
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chrisjrntsukasa_au: Very very soon. Video team needs more bandwidth than Wrest Point could provide, so Ryan'll be sorting that out once he's home -- real soon now.12:50
tsukasa_auchrisjrn: Thanks12:51
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praetorianchrisjrn: btw i managed to watch the race last night14:29
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xfxftsukasa_au: they'll start to go up as soon as i debug what appears to be a change with the youtube api15:00
tpbTitle: Twitter / pwae: Interesting find in my tuna ... (at twitter.com)15:02
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