Monday, 2013-07-08

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HolocaineNoo nee noo.00:24
Holocaine> curl -H "Content-type: application/json" -d '{"latitude": -42.902500, "longitude": 147.336900}'00:24
Holocaine    "division": "denison"00:24
FunkyBobis there someone in the house familiar with Zurb Foundation?00:45
peytHolocaine: You get a gold star for longlattery.00:48
* peyt is boringly back at boring work and not doing exciting sprinty stuff.00:49
* praetorian ponders a road trip00:51
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* kvodlecks mopes meep00:54
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peytdrol: You're sprinting are you? For some reason I assumed you weren't.00:59
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drolpeyt: well, technically at the moment I'm just trying to consolidated all the cool new shiny I've learnt during the last few days, so no sprint for me at the moment, sort of a confused shuffle really ... :)01:24
FunkyBobI should probably put in some more time on django-reformation01:26
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drolpeyt: bignose thought it a Good Thing to come along and help out, I figured that even if I couldn't help anywhere, a room with 40+ people who on average know more Python on me wouldn't hurt to badger for pointers ...01:26
QuadlexAll we need now at the sprints is for someone to drop wubs01:29
FunkyBoball I need is to decide what to work on :/01:33
QuadlexFunkyBob: At the last Railscamp someone made a tool to find a random Ruby issue on Github01:34
QuadlexMake a Python tool to do the same thing01:34
peytdrol: Speaking of bignose, what's he up to? (re: < bignose> okay, heading out into the wilds of Taswegia, wish me luck)01:36
peytdrol: I started imagining the banjo theme from Deliverance. :)01:37
drolpeyt: heh - you know as much as I ...01:59
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gjcrossAnyone a VirtualBox expert? Richard needs help!02:51
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bignosewhat are the Lark Distillery plans?03:06
bignosedinner there? dinner before/after? what times?03:06
* bignose is back from Huon Valley road trip and feeling organdised03:07
drolbignose: when you know, could you text me?  Amanda might be interested in coming too03:15
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bignosedrol: did you subscribe to the PyCon AU Chat mailing list? (I didn't.)03:17
bignoseand now regret it; seems that's what to watch for all the sociamalising03:18
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jhesketh_bignose: Lark from 7pm, you might like to have dinner earlier04:01
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droljhesketh_: does $ORGANISER need to know names/numbers of attendees?04:10
jhesketh_drol: for tonight? no04:10
drolok, ta04:10
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micolouspraetorian: soup04:12
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Holocainepraetorian: Am I good to scam a lift to the airport off you tomorrow?04:46
bignosejhesketh_: thanks, that helps planning04:54
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jhesketh_no worries :-)05:05
FunkyBobI'm guessing nobody's driving to the airport early tomorrow?05:08
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HolocaineFunkyBob: Well you could try and link up with Carina Zona and Shay Telfer if you don't mind being fairly early...05:10
FunkyBobhow early is "fairly"?05:12
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FunkyBobmy flight is about 9:50am05:12
tpbTitle: PyCon AU Flight Meetup (at
FunkyBobof course05:12
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becomingGuruWho wants to go to Mona this evening? It is closed tomorrow, apparently05:26
xfxfbunch of us went this morning05:26
xfxfrecommended, is good05:26
Azerithis there anyone at the sprints that can help me with a mysqldb issue(its likely string formatting) to do with executemany?05:27
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becomingGuruHow about the Bonorong Wildlife sanctuary?05:43
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japrI am still a bit shaken from the realization that pip scraps pypi. I know it works because I have not had to care up until now but it would be potentially nicer if humans went to pypi but everything else went to structured data.06:08
japrfor example: for humans for a json document of the actual metadata.06:10
tpbTitle: dropbox 1.6 : Python Package Index (at
japrAlthough html is structured data but perhaps something a bit easier to parse.06:11
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techdragonSo who is at the sprints still ?07:28
gjcross40 - 45 people07:29
techdragonIve missed my flight and I'm working out what to do. fully flexible airfare … majorly prudent choice haha07:30
techdragon3g data plans also seem mighty nice right now07:30
bignosetechdragon: we are heading to Lark Distillery at 19:0007:31
bignosetechdragon: and there are people gathering now to head to somewhere near there for dinner07:31
techdragonAny room at west point to crash? or at least to safely store luggage until a later checkin07:31
techdragonsince If everyone is heading off, I may as well get into gear and attend the tour :-)07:32
bignosetechdragon: we have the Derwent room until midnight.07:32
bignosetechdragon: I'm sure the concierge will be happy to store it securely too.07:32
techdragonTheres a cheap shuttle at 6pm. When is everyone likely to head off to the tour?07:33
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bignosetechdragon: do you have anyone's cell phone number? people are heading there pretty soon.07:35
bignosetechdragon: (mine isn't much use, I'll be heading different places first)07:35
bignosetechdragon: if you want to skip dinner, drop your luggage at Wrest Point then head to Lark. our tour starts 19:00.07:36
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techdragonI'll just have to skip the nicer dinner and just grab something once Ive been able to drop my stuff off. Im still on hold with stupid airlines lol08:06
techdragonIts been a while since I used my phone as an access point while on a call.08:07
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tpb<> (at
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sturdyAre many people in Derwent?09:55
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kandinskianyone at the sprints rooms now?10:25
FunkyBob4 playing a game, and about 7 of us at keyboards10:32
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kandinskiI'll be down shortly10:43
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praetorianwhat game? haha12:04
micolousmithro smells12:27
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praetorianpoor mit13:23
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