Sunday, 2013-07-07

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praetorianthat wasnt chocolate milk00:12
praetorianso .. my questions from yesterday00:15
praetorianwhat is the best way in django to do django forms + json/ajax?00:15
praetorianare they have data issues at the front of plenary?00:17
praetoriando they need some more mobile data?00:17
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praetorianmorning kenneth00:21
kennethreitzpraetorian: morning :)00:22
kennethreitzheading down shortly00:23
praetorianyeah, i only just got here myself00:23
praetorianlate one at the cage?00:23
kennethreitznah, just a poor choice of redbull at midnight :)00:23
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praetorianwifi is so being killed01:20
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praetorianmaybe we should start talking about planes in here again01:25
praetorian#toosoon Holocaine, too soon01:26
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* bignose shakes his money maker WOOO01:38
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* praetorian shakes his credit card02:26
praetorianno effect02:26
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smoky_stuhows PyconAU 13 going lucky soles?02:51
praetorianlunch is almost over02:51
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tpbTitle: Streaming for PyCon AU - Pelenary Hall (at
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praetorianso sleepy03:19
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praetorianwonder if this talk will just be an advertisement for rackspace coud04:15
CarlFKpraetorian: which room?04:15
praetoriantasman a04:15
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praetorianalso, i need a nap :(04:16
smoky_stuwatching video in absence :(04:16
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smoky_stu_always trying to get my students interested in Tkinter - some success but could be better04:23
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david_a_haven't used Tk since … 1996?  deja vu ...04:28
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bignosewhat are the dinner plans for tonight (Sunday 2013-07-07)?04:34
bignoselast year it was  tricky to find anywhere open in Hobart.04:34
smoky_stu_Google - and this site has some info -
tpbTitle: Eating out - Hobart Tandoor & Curry House – Traditional Indian food and fine service (at
bignosesmoky_stu_: is there a posse organised for anywhere yet?04:46
smoky_stu_bignose not sure as I was left at airport not able to make it down - good luck in finding a posse04:47
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praetorianwent to tandoor and curry last year. not bad place05:03
praetorianbignose: ther was an email to the chat list.05:03
praetorianAs mentioned this morning we are heading over to Jack Greene tonight for05:03
praetoriansome tasty burgers and beverages (~6:30pm).05:03
praetorian- jhesketh05:04
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bignosepraetorian: great, thank you05:21
bignoseafter party GET05:21
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smoky_stuwish I was told of this site ... great to see in absence from conference05:29
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FunkyBobdon't know why I only thought of this now :P05:30
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* CarlFK waves at FunkyBob05:33
FunkyBobwait, you're here somewhere?05:34
xfxfnope, just watching the stream from afar05:34
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CarlFKFunkyBob: nope.. yep that05:34
FunkyBoboh well05:36
FunkyBobjust watched RKM talk about pycricket... looks awesome05:36
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smoky_stuthat talk was very interesting05:44
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praetorianFunkyBob: fail.05:54
praetorianonly just thinking of irc now :p05:55
FunkyBoboh, I've been on irc the whole time05:55
FunkyBobjust... yeah... this channel05:55
praetorianwell /here/ anyway05:55
CarlFKmaybe he meant he just thought about attending just now05:55
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praetoriani should come back down05:56
* praetorian had a bit of a nap05:56
FunkyBobCarlFK: right... I've been here for 3 days... only just thought of going.... wait...05:56
praetoriansprinting tomorrow?05:56
FunkyBobbut right now, i'd kill for some panadine :/05:57
praetoriani have panadol in my bag.05:57
FunkyBobwhere are you?05:57
praetorianin my room atm. but ill be down in ~1005:58
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praetorianFunkyBob: where abouts are you?06:09
FunkyBobwith all the people playing with the "internet'o'thangs"06:09
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praetorianoh right06:10
praetoriani just walked into plenary06:11
praetorianback row, right side (looking at the stage) i06:11
praetorianwell second back row06:11
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FunkyBobSmileyChris: oi... where's that forms thing of yours?06:14
SmileyChrisFunkyBob: my 2yo version?06:15
tpbTitle: SmileyChris/django-forms · GitHub (at
SmileyChrissee also, my initial braindump06:16
tpb<> (at
FunkyBobyeah, I juse wanted to see what you splodey sploded out of field06:18
praetorianalmost lightning talk time06:20
tpb<$> (at
FunkyBobactually, ignore that06:20
smoky_sturemind Chris about next years venue he has to announce :)06:21
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praetorianchris, don't forget to announce melbourne.. or was it brisbane06:22
praetorian..or was it antartica06:22
smoky_stuHope airfare is fully funded :)06:23
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deadbeef404and here... we... go...06:25
praetoriansuddently it gets busier in here06:25
FunkyBobcould make it really hot!  hold it on Heard/McDonald islands...06:26
FunkyBobpraetorian: everyone else just bailed out of here06:26
praetorianyeah, lightning talks am fun.06:26
smoky_stuhas been the same mad scramble ever since PyconAU was put on in 201006:26
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* praetorian waves at smoky stu06:27
praetoriantho, i am not near the camera.. so you may not see06:27
smoky_stu* smoky_stu waves at praetorian06:27
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praetoriansmoky_stu: /me waves at praetorian06:28
* deadbeef404 is now in a stackoverflow answering mood06:29
FunkyBobparisba: ok, second row from back?06:30
FunkyBobpraetorian: I meant06:30
praetorianme? yes06:30
praetorianpurple shirt06:30
praetorianright side as you face the starge06:31
FunkyBobok... I'm easy to spot... huge black leather coat06:31
FunkyBobbe there in a minute06:31
* deadbeef404 looks around for the starge..06:32
praetorianits a seat of mac in here.06:32
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praetoriannot got a mac? you're odd06:32
smoky_stulightning not happening outside nor inside :)06:33
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* bignose-mobile unpacks frazzled brain at lightning talks06:42
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deadbeef404the patterns of the light thingy at the front.. what do the changes mean now? :\?06:43
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bignose-mobiledeadbeef404: to distract you from the speaker :-)06:44
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deadbeef404bignose-mobile: pretty much :P06:44
smoky_stuwould love to stay and listen to all the lightning talks, but other duties are at hand, thanks Qantas for up my trip to PyconAU06:47
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bignose-mobilesmoky_stu: that is a suxx, hope it works out06:51
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* bignose-mobile hankers for a burger after all the fine food provided at Wrest Point06:53
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smoky_stuYes <bignose-mobile> really suxx08:03
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smoky_stulovely to at least being able to see it live on this ....08:05
smoky_stuBrisbane - here I come08:06
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smoky_stulooked like an interesting conference, see you lot at Brisbane next year - Qantas mucked up my run of being at every conference from 2010 till now ;(08:11
praetorianso whos heading to the jack greenes?08:14
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drolmorning all21:13
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droldamnit - just nuked the email describing the projects open for the sprints ... can someone forward me that again?  [email protected], ta23:18
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bignosedrol: hmm, wish I'd thought to subscribe for the pycon-au-chat mailing list.23:33
bignosewhat's the subscription address?23:33
* bignose knows nowt about what's going on with sprints23:33
bignosenor anything else, TBH23:33
Holocainebignose: Well it's like every other usage of the word "sprint" in that involves people sitting around on computers and not running around at all.23:33
bignoseintuitive win23:34
praetorianis everyone at sprints already?23:43
* praetorian was tired.23:43
* bignose is taking a road trip23:45
bignoseprobably getting to sprints late afternoon.23:45
drolroughly 8.5 tables full of people here now23:46
drollimiting factor seems to be power points23:46
* drol is watching infrastructure rollout in progress ... :)23:46
bignosedamn this 21st-century lifestyle, with its incessant demand for electricity23:46
bignoseokay, heading out into the wilds of Taswegia, wish me luck23:47
drolhave fun23:47
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