Saturday, 2013-07-06

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peytCan anyone tell me where the talks schedule is on the pyconau site?00:34
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peytI assue it's there *somewhere*, just hiding from me.00:35
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tpbTitle: Saturday Schedule - PyCon Australia | July 5-7 2013 | Hobart, Tasmania (at
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peyttsukasa_au: Thanks. was on "overview" page, couldn't find link from there.<eyeroll> :-)00:38
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CarlFKpeyt:  ;)00:39
peytdeadbeef404: there is no escape.00:39
tpb<> (at
deadbeef404peyt: I had to get irssi into a screen session.00:41
tpbTitle: Streaming for PyCon AU - Pelenary Hall (at
peytdeadbeef404: Of course you did.00:41
deadbeef404peyt: this is what you did to me.. I _need_ screen sessions now D:00:41
peytdeadbeef404: Soon I will convert you to tmux.00:44
peytIt is your desssssssstiny.00:44
deadbeef404peyt: probably will if I try it... but why should I? pfft00:45
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deadbeef404pypi scrapes HTML, wtf?00:46
deadbeef404is that what he just said?00:46
tsukasa_audeadbeef404: Yep...00:47
praetorianhow full is Plenary?00:48
deadbeef404that i_have_no_idea_what_im_doing.jpg is more relevant than ever..00:48
deadbeef404praetorian: about 1/4 to 1/3 I'd say.. quite spread out though, hard to tell00:49
praetorianahh ok00:49
praetoriani expect it to fill for the next session00:49
deadbeef404praetorian: probably, I won't be here for that one though.. ppfft, security00:50
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mikeputnama proper reverse proxy (squid/nginx) will solve the package caching problem01:03
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CarlFKspeaking of Jacob and web security01:15
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praetorianspeaking of web security, --- DROP TABLE01:19
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bignosepeyt: to get the schedule easily viewable on your phone, <URL:>01:36
tpbTitle: Unofficial LCA Mobile Programme (at
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Holocainebignose: I've switched to tethering via my phone.01:39
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Winzais it just me or is the wifi running like a dog??01:45
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deadbeef504Winza: it's sucking for everyone01:47
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Winzagreat - it's not just me then.. cheers @goodjess01:47
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CarlFK query = query % tuple(( get_codec(a, self.encoders)(db, a) for a in args )   Is this bad? :)01:59
CarlFKit is from   ARG  FIRE!!!02:00
tpb<> (at
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praetorianso, i thought i would be good and put p plates on the car, you know... cause thats the legal requirement03:12
praetorianones missing this morning03:12
praetorianthanks hobart!03:12
deadbeef404praetorian: you put them on the outside o_0?03:13
praetorianthey are magnetic03:13
praetorianand they are supposed to be *outside*03:13
praetorianit is illegal to put them on the dash.03:13
deadbeef404praetorian: illegal? really? lol.. silly hobart03:15
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praetorian"You must ensure that P plates (red P on a white background) are displayed clearly on an external part of the front and back of your vehicle (or on the back of a trailer if using one),"03:16
praetoriannote: external03:16
deadbeef404well... #hobartfail03:17
praetoriannot just hobart03:17
praetorianthat's sydney rules btw03:17
praetorianbut would be the same here03:17
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CarlFKI can see "displayed ... external" to mean you have to be able to see it from external.. so not "well you can see it if you are in the trunk"03:19
praetoriani see what you mean.03:19
praetorianambugity, wheres a lawyer when you need one03:20
xfxfevery state has a different set of rules03:20
xfxfand it's buried in legalese03:20
xfxfthey're sumarising03:20
QwadlexIsn't that a county in England?03:21
praetorianthere's always one03:21
QwadlexOh no wait, it's only pronounced that way, it's spelt sumarisinghamtonshirham03:21
xfxfit's that the wifi is terrible and it makes irc'ing over ssh le terrible03:22
praetorianmosh helps that so much03:22
QwadlexNeeds more cawfee03:22
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praetorianor something.03:39
bignoseis there a PyConAU delegation chat mailing list? what is it?03:42
praetorianPyCon Australia Delegates Chat List <[email protected]>03:44
bignosewhere was that announced? I can't find it in my registration package.03:45
praetorianit was an option on registering03:46
praetorianand you would have been subscribed if you said yes to it..03:46
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mithroanyone on the stream?03:50
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bignosemithro: we had heavy rain yesterday, dunno about streams03:52
mithrohar har03:52
bignosemithro: (second part of that is the serious part)03:53
CarlFK  live from the main room03:53
tpbTitle: Streaming for PyCon AU - Pelenary Hall (at
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bignosewell, I surely hope no-one is using that on the 802.1103:54
bignosemy IRC bits are suffering.03:54
CarlFK   retweet pleease.. we have like 3 viewers03:54
tsukasa_aumithro: Stream seems fine to me03:54
tpbTitle: Twitter / mithro: Highly experimental stream ... (at
praetorianmy ircbits are fine03:54
captainvideowhats IRC?03:54
praetorianwhat is love?03:55
captainvideobaby don't hurt me.03:55
tsukasa_auNo more?03:55
bignoseto be clear, my SSH-to-my-vhost bits are suffering.03:55
praetorianyou still haven't looked at MOSH? ;)03:55
tsukasa_auYou really should...03:55
captainvideomine are optimised bignose03:55
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captainvideomarket scarcity provides fantastic aid03:56
Holocainewifi -O9999903:56
tsukasa_auThough I found that I had to re-write the script that actually does the ssh and spawning mosh-client03:56
* Holocaine is just tethering via his phone.03:56
captainvideopraetorian: cheers.03:56
tsukasa_auThe perl script that they have does not deal with forwarded hosts very well03:56
praetorianwifi is really fine for me tbh03:56
HolocaineI kept losing my IRC connection.03:56
captainvideotry using a cable.03:57
praetoriani see mosh having random packaets going missing, but besides that, its stable. and im not losing it03:57
praetoriannsa = national swimming association03:57
captainvideoPRISM = polish recreation integrstion society march03:58
captainvideopraetorian: eager stream04:00
praetorianno one seems too eager04:01
captainvideosurely you are.04:02
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captainvideoprism = free offsite backup04:11
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praetorianunfortunately its unavailable if you want to restore from it04:13
brianhermanfoia request?04:16
brianhermani think you can request what data the fbi at least has on you04:17
brianhermanit costs money though :\04:17
captainvideoto be fair they were right. it's in the cloud.04:18
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captainvideobut only once04:45
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mithro-phonewhat is the mobile schedule thing Michael did?05:19
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praetorianif i spelt that right05:23
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bignosemithro-phone: Mobile-friendly PyConAU schedule <URL:>05:25
tpbTitle: Unofficial LCA Mobile Programme (at
mithro-phonewe need to get that merged into zookeeper05:27
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bignosepraetorian: mosh fails to connect05:42
bignosecomplains “mosh did not make a successful connection to”05:44
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xfxfok, mosh is pretty neat05:50
xfxfno longer desire to throw laptop through window05:50
xfxfbignose: are you port forwarding 60001 udp if behind a nat router?05:52
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bignosexfxf: hmm. I thought the point of ‘mosh’ is that I don't need anything open except SSH?05:54
bignosenot sure I have any control over the port forwarding.05:54
xfxfread the mosh docs, it requires another udp connection05:55
xfxfthis is port forwarding on the box you're ssh'ing into05:55
xfxfit's seperate to ssh05:55
xfxfit just uses ssh as an initial connectivity mechanism to set itself up05:55
praetorianyep. no udp connectivity and you wont get far.05:59
bignose'kay. not much of an option for me at the moment, then.06:02
praetorianbadly firewalled?06:02
bignosebadly? not sure “deny by default” counts as bad firewall.06:05
praetorianspeaking of bells06:05
praetorian :)06:06
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lukejohnhad sound for a second there06:30
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praetoriantime til dinner: 52 minutes07:38
praetorian30   + 06/07 [virginaustralia] Virgin Australia - Help us improve our service07:40
praetorian`about the flight experience you had with us on 30/06/2013 between Perth and Sydney'07:40
praetorianoh boy, won't you hear about that..07:40
SpeckWill they?07:41
praetorianVirgin have two types of A330's07:42
praetorianthe old an the new. i got an old one for that trip, they are pretty lacking in comparison07:42
Speck2x 737s for Brisbane -> Melbourne -> Hobart.07:43
SpeckOne didn't have the entertainment units, the other did.07:44
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praetorianyeah, you wont get anything besides 737's on that route07:46
praetorianmaybe a 390 on MEL->HBA07:46
praetorianer, e9007:46
praetoriani'd prefer a e90 tbh.07:46
SpeckP. sure I have 737s all the way back too. It's like a one-hour flight and a two-hour flight. I don't really care.07:46
* praetorian nods07:47
praetorianim going HBA->MEL->SYD back07:47
praetoriannot sure what they are.07:47
praetorian*waits for Holocaine to  chime in*07:47
SpeckI'm disconnecting from the Internet, apparently.07:47
SpeckThanks, WiFi!07:48
praetorianhaha :)07:48
SpeckOh wait no, it's only on EsperNet.07:48
praetorianeven the WP internet has been unstable.07:49
praetoriani reckon it never gets this much workout.07:49
SpeckYeah I'm on the WP 'net. :<07:49
praetorianlast night it was almost unusable07:49
SpeckSo considering I'm not going to the conference dinner - what do?07:50
praetoriannot by choice or no ticket?07:50
SpeckNo ticket.07:50
SpeckThey were sold out. D:07:50
praetorianah. bugger07:50
SpeckThat, and uh, student - $85 or w/e it was is kind of expensive. :<07:50
praetorianah fair enough07:50
praetorianwell, if you are looking for food, i imagine there is other students around07:51
praetorianburger got soul is a bout a 10-15 minute walk up the road07:51
praetorianreally nice for a burger (kinda like Grill'd in a way, but tasmianian)07:52
praetorian(hotel wifi just went arse)07:52
praetorianaround that same area there is other restaurants.. otherwise 10 minutes further on and you are in town (can bus it from just out the front of WP too if oyu want)07:53
SpeckCoooool, I enjoyed being hardcore disconnected.07:53
praetorianhowever, its hobart, hings close earlier, so mos things will be closed by 1007:53
SpeckIf you said anything past me saying "<Speck> I'm not sure what the weather is right now." - I missed it.07:53
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SpeckI timed out.07:53
praetorianare you using irssi proxy or something?07:54
praetorianno backlog?07:54
Speckznc, it didn't detect I'd d/c'd.07:54
tpbTitle: Droplr 1750:03 < Speck> So considering Im not going to the conference dinner - what do? 1750:14 <... (at
praetoriani didnt see your comment on weather ;-)07:54
SpeckBut yeah, weather sounds windy and rainy. I might just give up and pay the $32 for food at the restaurant near the lobby.07:55
praetorianis riverside cafe open?07:55
praetorianits usually cheaper07:55
*** Azerith has quit IRC07:55
SpeckI have no idea. o_O07:55
* praetorian finds07:56
* praetorian waits07:57
SpeckDisconnected again. I'm tethering from my phone now.07:58
SpeckTired of this ridiculousness.07:58
praetorianheh. i would do that, but ~300mb left of quota07:58
SpeckIdk how much I actually have.07:58
praetorianand too much work to get wok to raise it07:58
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praetorian'the loft bistro'
tpb<> (at
SpeckThat place is more expensive than the one closest to the lobby.07:59
praetorian'riverview snacks'
tpb<> (at
SpeckWhere is that?08:00
praetoriani think that is ... come into lobby from front.. turn left... at the gaming machine entrance.. turn into it.. and its just before it08:00
praetorianhence being 18+ only08:00
*** Azerith_ has quit IRC08:01
praetoriani dunno how old you are.08:01
SpeckLooks like I'll be spending obscene amounts of cash on the cheap sushi there. :D08:01
SpeckI'm 18, heh.08:01
praetorianlet me find oyu a photo.08:01
Speck$10 for a 'pack'.08:01
SpeckThen again, McDonald's is like $7 for three burgers. :v08:02
SpeckBut oh well.08:02
praetoriani assume that means 1 roll cut into 4 and some nigri sushi08:02
*** dodobas has left #pyconau08:02
praetorianbut otherwise, stuff there is cheaper08:02
SpeckYeah it is p. cheap.08:02
praetoriani think its free to become a wrestpoint member too08:02
praetorianso you can save yourself a few $ ;)08:02
SpeckFederal Rewards Club members?08:03
tpb<> (at
praetorianchrwher are you watching the f1 tonight?08:04
praetorianoh hers not here08:04
praetorianSpeck: yeah, that woudl be it08:04
*** Azerith_ has joined #pyconau08:04
* Holocaine does not grok F1.08:04
HolocaineOr car racing in general, really.08:04
praetorianHolocaine: imagine they are fast, low flying planes.08:04
praetoriancesna's if you will08:05
Holocainepraetorian: Doesn't make them more interesting. Planes are interesting because I get on them and go places.08:05
*** Winza1 has joined #pyconau08:05
praetorianyou can get on f1 cars(?) if you want ;)08:05
HolocaineYes, and go around and around and yawn.08:05
tpb<> (at
praetorianSpeck: that is cheap sushi .. all that was $11 AUD08:06
praetorianHolocaine: haha :)08:06
praetorianHolocaine: coming to dinner?08:06
Holocainepraetorian: Yep.08:06
*** Winza has quit IRC08:06
praetorianexcellent. i was looking for a table to crash08:06
*** Azerith has quit IRC08:06
praetoriani think we should have had a boat ride again *anyway*08:07
praetorianjust around and back to wp08:07
praetorianon topic: anyone know what the preferred method of using django forms and ajax is?08:08
praetorian..and more specifically, formsets?08:09
*** david_a has quit IRC08:09
praetorian(also, i dont really want to send html back to the client, only json preferrably)08:11
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bleeteroh dear, I just relised that I've not actually managed to make it to the registration desk yet08:33
bleeterthus no ID hmmmm08:33
bleetersounds like tserong will be on the case woots :)08:35
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Winzais anyone still on this chat?  if so, do you know where the pier one restaurant is?12:03
tsukasa_auWinza: Yes and yes12:08
tsukasa_authere is a staircase near the onyx bar, if you go down to the bottom level it is on your left12:09
Winzacool.  thanks.12:10
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praetorianpier one would have been closed by the tie he asked15:35
praetorianchrisjrn: where are you watching f1 tomorrow nigh?15:36
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bignoseis there a trip to the Lark Distillery planned?22:27
bignosewould be good to have a posse to go there, but don't know how much notice they need22:28
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tpbTitle: Path — David Eun (at
praetorianbignose: monday night22:40
praetoriandedicated pycon au night22:40
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praetorianin case no one knows.. airplane emergency at SFO23:07
praetorianhope no one was going back there tonight..23:07
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HolocaineYes, but how to I turn this dog into a CGI rendering solution?23:23
deadbeef_uhhhhhh... with some Python?23:25
*** deadbeef_ is now known as deadbeef40423:25
* deadbeef404 hates deadbeef_.. what a douch23:25
praetorianoops. missed the keynote again23:59
* praetorian wonders down for morning tea23:59

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