Saturday, 2014-07-26

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pyohio_cartoon_1we're online15:46
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pyohio_barbietoospeaker has asked to stop video for the second hour of her talk, since it's more about interacting with public15:52
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pyohio_cartoon_2is it ok that I don't hear anything in the left side of  my headphones?16:03
pyohio_cartoon_2anyone else have that?16:04
pyohio_hayesgood question, but I think so16:04
pyohio_hayesok that is16:04
pyohio_hayesno head phones in here16:05
pyohio_cartoon_2we borrowed cartoon 1's16:05
pyohio_barbietooit's all mono audio, should be fine, just check if it mixes in two channels in the records16:07
pyohio_barbietoomixing L a little low than R will give a stereo feeling, but i dont think you want to hack that16:08
pyohio_cartoon_2Right, it's mono16:10
pyohio_cartoon_2no I don't think I want to mix to make it stereo16:10
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pyohio_cartoon_2yes pyohio_barbietoo ?16:28
pyohio_cartoon_2so... what's for lunch?16:28
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pyohio-barbietoohey, anyone here for audio mix and camera?17:53
pyohio-barbietoook, i think i can handle all stuff here17:57
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pyohio-barbietoomic is failing again :(18:03
pyohio-barbietoois there any replacement?18:08
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pyohio_cartoon_2mic failing here too, but I think it might be battery....18:28
pyohio_cartoon_2anyone see carl?18:30
pyohio-barbietoonot sure, some weird cracks, i'll replace batteries for next talk18:30
tac_in_cartoon_1not in Cartoon 1 as far as I see18:30
pyohio-barbietoonot here neither18:31
pyohio_cartoon_2yakking in the hall probly18:31
tac_in_cartoon_1should I hunt him down?18:31
pyohio-barbietoopyohio_cartoon_2: do you need batteries now? I can bring it to you18:31
tac_in_cartoon_1kk nvm18:31
pyohio_cartoon_2tac_in_cartoon_1, do you have any big toolboxes? batteries should be in one18:32
pyohio_cartoon_2yes to batteries18:32
tac_in_cartoon_1no toolboxes here18:32
pyohio_cartoon_2red & black toolbox is around somewhere18:33
pyohio_cartoon_2my partner just got a nosebleed so I can't roam18:33
tac_in_cartoon_1pyohio_cartoon_2: I can go look18:34
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tac_in_cartoon_1we have 1 out of 2 batteries18:36
tac_in_cartoon_1be right there as soon as we find #218:36
tac_in_cartoon_1pyohio_cartoon_2: brt18:38
* pyohio_cartoon_2 has received many batteries18:40
pyohio_cartoon_2I don't think we covered this in training, but whenever you take out old batteries, put some tape around them.  We don't want to mistake them for good ones!18:44
pyohio_barbietooas I did meh18:49
tac_in_cartoon_1pyohio_barbietoo: we still love you.18:49
pyohio_barbietoooops it's supposed to be a 2 hours tutorial, finished in 44min18:50
pyohio_barbietooyay, lucky me, coffee and brownie time18:50
pyohio_cartoon1is there some way to ground this mixer in cart 1?19:02
pyohio_cartoon1we keep getting static feedback until some one gives it a tap on the side, seems to be static electricity buildup or something19:03
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pyohio_cartoon_2How's everyone doing?  Things have finally calmed down in here.19:53
pyohio_cartoon1cartoon 1 is going fine19:53
tac_in_cartoon_1how do you turn on the wireless headset mic pyohio_cartoon2 pyohio_hayes pyohio_barbietoo19:56
pyohio_barbietoodespite some small issues with mic everything goes well19:57
pyohio_barbietootac_in_cartoon_1: press button for 2-3 sec19:57
pyohio_barbietooon the top19:57
pyohio_cartoon_2Green light = on, Orange = standby19:58
tac_in_cartoon_1the cam feed is froze19:58
pyohio_cartoon_2no light = off19:58
pyohio_barbietoored should be ' needs new battery19:58
tac_in_cartoon_1pyohio_cartoon_2: didn't you guys have this problem?19:58
pyohio_cartoon_2tac_in_cartoon_1, yes we have a couple times19:59
tac_in_cartoon_1any idea how to fix?19:59
pyohio_barbietoo tac_in_cartoon_1 did you switching sources?19:59
pyohio_cartoon_2hit kill on the first firewire19:59
pyohio_cartoon_2hit run20:00
tac_in_cartoon_1we're good20:00
pyohio_cartoon_2: )20:00
tac_in_cartoon_1hopefully we stay good!20:01
pyohio_barbietooall fine here20:05
pyohio_cartoon_2fyi  If your room is doing a tutorial and there doesn't seem to be anything worth recording, do NOT stop recording.20:17
pyohio_cartoon_2(Ideally) Recording should start at 8:30 ish and go until closing.20:17
pyohio_barbietooi need a pair of batteries here...20:17
tac_in_cartoon_1pyohio_barbietoo: I can get those to you20:18
tac_in_cartoon_1what size, pyohio_barbietoo20:18
tac_in_cartoon_1oh, pyohio_cartoon_2: Do you guys still have the AA's?20:18
tac_in_cartoon_1the extra AA's?20:18
pyohio_cartoon_22 extra20:19
pyohio_cartoon_2Should we pick up more batteries tonight?20:19
tac_in_cartoon_1p. a good idea20:20
pyohio_barbietoofading is cool20:28
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pyohio_cartoon_2hiya CarlFK20:44
pyohio_cartoon_2CarlFK We need to buy batteries tonight20:44
tac_in_cartoon_1To Kroger!20:44
pyohio_cartoon_2We'll get out earlier tonight.  We can go to Target20:46
pyohio_cartoon_2or other closer place20:46
pyohio_cartoon1there is a kroger down the street20:47
pyohio_barbietoocome on guys, you need some sleep :)20:47
pyohio_cartoon1maybe 1/3 mile20:47
pyohio_cartoon_2We went to the one on High St20:47
pyohio_cartoon1and there is an amazing bar behind it! 2 for 1 stop!20:47
pyohio_cartoon1just saying :P20:48
tac_in_cartoon_1what's the resolution of the video?20:53
CarlFKtac_in_cartoon_1: 1024x768 is prefered20:53
tac_in_cartoon_1video died on ours20:58
tac_in_cartoon_1we killed and restarted the process, no luck20:59
tac_in_cartoon_1a red light is on20:59
tac_in_cartoon_1started with -15 is displaying on the screen20:59
pyohio_barbietooi've got a red flashing light on my camera's screen21:00
tac_in_cartoon_1pyohio_barbietoo: one sec21:03
pyohio_cartoon_2woohoo!  last talks!21:04
pyohio_cartoon_2pyohio_barbietoo, that's normal21:05
pyohio_cartoon_2It just means no tape21:05
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pyohio_cartoon_2howdy tiago21:19
tiagopyohio_cartoon_2, i'm in your room21:20
tiagoa volunteer is doing pyohio_barbietoo21:20
tiagodoing well21:20
pyohio_cartoon_2great volunteers at PyOhio21:21
tiagoyeh that's really nice21:22
pyohio_cartoon_2CarlFK, around?21:53
pyohio_cartoon_2Any special end-of-day instructions?21:53
CarlFKnope.  I am sneaker netting an external drive around to collect files.21:54
pyohio_cartoon_2What should we turn off?  Cameras, projectors, ???.21:55
pyohio_cartoon_2To new volunteers, hit Record again to STOP recording21:57
pyohio_cartoon_2(when youre all done)21:57
pyohio_cartoon_2(Just sharing questions I'm getting.)21:58
pyohio_cartoon1Carlfk: are we recording lightning talks?21:59
CarlFKfor sure mark the start and end, and if21:59
CarlFKand for sure hit cut at the start .. makes it easier to make an index of 0:0 talk1, 3:20 talk2 ...22:00
pyohio_cartoon_2Lightning talks are only in Cartoon 1, right?22:01
pyohio_cartoon_2merged with Cartoon2, I think22:01
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