Sunday, 2013-08-11

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tpbTitle: timvideos/HDMI2USB ยท GitHub (at
p2-matehas anyone considered streaming the captured video out directly via gige?14:59
p2-mateat least in the debian video setup, this could avoid having a separate capture machine14:59
p2-mateand stream the video directly to the directors dvswitch laptop15:00
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CarlFKp2-mate: what?15:10
p2-mateCarlFK: currently HDMI2USB streams the captured video to a host PC via usb15:11
CarlFKoh, over the eathernet port on the Atlys board?15:11
p2-mateyes :)15:11
CarlFKconsidered, yes.15:11
CarlFKsomeone would need to port a network stack and .. basicaly linux to the Atlys board.15:11
p2-mateI don't think you need a full linux to do that :)15:12
p2-matesomething like ecos or rtems should do15:12
p2-matealso the UDP packets for the stream can be generated in hw15:12
p2-mateso only the control stuff needs to be done in sw15:12
p2-matebut yeah, indeed. you need a CPU core + rtos with ip stack15:13
CarlFKyou would need tcp/ip ... let me know when you have enough working that you can ping it from another box :)15:13
p2-mateCarlFK: ok :) I will once I get a board :)15:13
p2-mategood, at least you don't see a fundamental reason it can't be done? it's just work15:14
CarlFKI am really just repeating what Tim said in #timvideos a few weeks ago15:15
p2-mateI'm not on that # so :)15:15
CarlFKI think he said it would be possible, assuming you could fit the code in the limited space15:16
p2-mateanyway, I need to get a board and see if a CPU core + mac would fit together with the current logic15:16
CarlFKmac - address or appple mac?15:16
p2-matethat might be a problem15:16
p2-mateethernet mac implementation15:16
p2-mateas opposed to ethernet phy15:17
p2-mateany idea how much space the current design uses?15:17
CarlFKno clue - I am pretty much a dumb user of the device15:18
p2-mateok. I should be able to find out by synthesizing it myself15:18
p2-mateCarlFK: is #timvideos the channel to discuss the project?16:07
CarlFKthe level of my involvement: I wrote this:
tpb<> (at
CarlFKopps, wrong chan...16:10
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