Sunday, 2013-07-14

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CarlFKmithro: xfxf ping ping04:16
CarlFK  doesn't have anything to says "record release yes/no" but  seems some talks were flagged "no" in the db04:17
tpb<> (at
tpbTitle: json video_release · Issue #93 · zookeepr/zookeepr · GitHub (at
CarlFKvideo_release = sa.Column(sa.types.Boolean)04:20
CarlFKopened 2 years ago.04:20
CarlFK(so never mind...)04:51
xfxfyeah i saw your email05:11
xfxfdid you want me to poke iseppi about that?05:11
xfxfthta's kinda a major bug05:11
xfxfalso... can you please do your magic so djangocon videos appear on pyvideo?05:11
xfxfand set me up with a test api key, it's vital i'm able to do this in the future05:11
xfxfi'm cool if i have to play with it and test first05:12
CarlFKhave you setup a local test yet?05:15
CarlFKand there is no api for deleting, so that wont really help fix this05:16
CarlFKthere is also no way to remove a file from archive, but I can replace it.. so I am going to upload a text file over the top of the mp405:17
CarlFKdjangocon videos appear on pyvideo - are you sure you don't mean OpenStack?05:19
CarlFKdjangocon have been up for hours05:19
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CarlFKxfxf: ^^^05:58
CarlFKI am off to bed.  see ya in 6 hours07:05
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