Friday, 2013-07-12

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iiieCarlFK, pong00:04
iiieCarlFK, do I need to restart flumotion?00:05
iiieCarlFK, up00:07
iiieCarlFK, I might be back on later, headed home01:03
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mithro_workskay, you should have access now02:01
mithro_workskay, no code exists, I'm putting this up on freelancer once the spec covers everything we want02:02
skay_mithro_work: thanks for the heads up, getting a link to google drive is kind of scary without a heads up due to that phishing trick02:02
mithro_workphishing trick?02:03
mithro_workCarlFK / iiie2 : I fixed the twitter stuff at the sprints02:03
mithro_workyou can check it out at the repository02:04
skay_I had a spam this week that was tricked up like a drive share link02:04
tpb<> (at
mithro_work>film< camera02:09
CarlFKstream bye bye02:20
skay_maybe it would be helpful to have a 3d printer on hand for printing parts up during a show02:30
skay_like something wind cord around (like that power cord thing carl has, except print up a bunch02:31
skay_or stands, or whatever02:31
CarlFKpacked up, see you soon02:54
CarlFKskay need dinner?02:54
skay_no, I'm fine02:58
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mithro_workwind cord around? power cord thing?04:06
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tpbTitle: Steven Levitt: The freakonomics of McDonalds vs. drugs - YouTube (at
mithro_workWow TED recordings really sucked back in 2007.....06:51
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