Thursday, 2013-07-11

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mithro_workxfxf, you about?05:03
mithro_workiiie, you about?05:03
mithro_workparx, you about?05:03
mithro_workWhat mistakes do you see presenters make in slides? (I've already got font size, color contrast and zone around edges...)05:12
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mithro_workCarlFK, ping?05:15
CarlFKmithro_work: pong05:42
mithro_workWhat mistakes do you see presenters make in slides? (I've already got font size, color contrast and zone around edges...)05:43
CarlFKhmm.. aspect ratio .. I guess over all resolution .. not sure how much of that is a slide problem05:45
tpb<> (at
mithro_workit came to me last night05:48
mithro_workI just brought and too05:49
mithro_workI'll put the spec up on freelancer once I'm happy05:49
CarlFKim curious how well it works05:50
CarlFKim also 1/2 asleep05:50
mithro_workwell, if you come up with anything05:51
mithro_workplease add it05:51
mithro_workwill put it up tomorrow about this time05:56
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xfxfmithro_work: michael prepared a talk for this a few years ago13:05
xfxfhe might still have a copy, email him - [email protected]13:06
xfxfactually, i'll email and cc, hang13:07
mithro_workxfxf, too slow13:08
mithro_workalready emailed13:08
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xfxfother issue i see is presenters preparing in 16:913:56
xfxffor a 4:3 projector13:56
xfxfthere's a ton of other issues i've seen but not things which are common13:56
xfxflike one presenter once left a spot free on their slides so we could do picture-in-picture on it13:56
xfxfbut didn't tell us...13:57
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skaymithro_work: I will try to think about accessibility mistakes.14:14
skaymithro_work: you've got font size and color14:16
skaymithro_work: I'll ask twitter too14:17
skaymithro_work: if presenters could have accessible descriptions in notes of their slides for helping people afterwards (I don't know of software that would help with this during a presentation)14:18
skaymithro_work: that would help for people who are blind14:18
skaymithro_work: if there was a way to make a slide deck work with reading software, that would also help14:20
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skaymithro_work: it's a good question for ask.metafilter, are you a member?14:29
mithroplease add comments14:36
mithroskay, what's your gmail account - i'll give you edit access14:36
skay[email protected]14:44
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skaymithro: where's the repo?14:48
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iiieCarlFK, quick question, should mission still be on?17:34
CarlFKnot really, but chipy tonight, so might as well17:35
CarlFKspeaking of.. can you tweek for chipy? :)17:35
iiietweet?  or tweak?17:35
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iiieI don't think I have what's needed for chipy tweeting, parx might though17:36
* iiie almost volunteers parx17:36
parxdon't have that, sorry17:37
iiiesure, what needs updating?17:37
iiiemission to chipy, but otherwise?17:37
CarlFKbeats me :)17:37
iiie" )17:38
iiie* : )17:38
iiiemission is pointed at chipy
tpbTitle: Streaming for ChiPy - Chicago Python User Group (at
iiieI see 4 streaming clients, one is me.  We should perhaps consider some sort of reporting option on the streaming...17:43
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iiienote: there is no content, 0.000569 Mb/s17:43
CarlFKI think the twitter thing broke due to twitter not allowing an old API in the last month or so17:44
CarlFKI bumped into that with my tweet thing.. pip upgrade (or whatever the syntax is) seemed to fix it17:44
iiiehm, yeah, I had a client's site break for that too come to think of it17:44
iiieoh?  for mine it "just didn't work", I replaced the widget with the new one17:45
iiiebecause the twitter api is real and I was using a js widget17:45
CarlFKI was using some python module.. so about the same thing17:45
iiiepip rocks17:46
CarlFKany idea how I clean up a stale sshfs mount ?17:46
iiiefusermount -u ~/far_projects17:47
tpbTitle: SSHFS - Community Ubuntu Documentation (at
CarlFKfusermount: failed to unmount /home/carl/mnt/va: Device or resource busy17:47
iiiesudo unmount /home/carl/mnt/va17:48
iiiesudo umount /home/carl/mnt/va17:48
iiieyou sure you don't have files open?17:48
iiiesudo umount -f /home/carl/mnt/va (force in case of an unreachable NFS system)17:50
CarlFKpretty sure17:50
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CarlFKiiie ping23:59

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