Wednesday, 2013-07-10

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CarlFKmeeting over00:27
CarlFKgetting kicked out of the meeting room00:27
CarlFKneed anytyhing ?00:28
skayit's only 7:30!00:31
CarlFKoh right, we started at 5.3001:13
CarlFKxfxf: if you need anything for the next few hours, email.. or ping skay here01:14
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sylphiaeskay: ping01:52
skaysylphiae: hi01:52
sylphiaecan you ask CarlFK if he still wants the quotes?01:52
skaywhen he's back. he's still enroute01:53
sylphiaei see01:55
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xfxfCarlFK: ok, are you manually flicking state 3 -> 4?03:03 has stalled03:03
xfxfi just want to get videos up dude03:03
CarlFKsome of each03:03
xfxfis there a problem if i run from my box?03:04
CarlFKvideos are up03:04
xfxfi dont' have time to fiddle with this03:04
xfxflike 6 are on yt03:04
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CarlFK10 are up, none waiting03:06
xfxfthat's what i'm trying to verify03:06
xfxfare you checking for things that have rsynced up and then ,manually flicking the state?03:06
tpb<> (at
CarlFKoh, that one.. right03:06
CarlFKlast I checked there were still a bunch waiting to be encoded03:07
CarlFKthey are all encoded now?03:07
CarlFK edit:26  encode:0  push to queue:33  post03:07
CarlFKdid you use or rsync at the shell?03:08
xfxfyou told me to03:08
xfxfi questioned that as it won't flick the state03:09
CarlFKany idea why that worked but didn't?03:09
xfxfi don't know, you told me to rsync dude03:09
xfxfscroll up03:09
xfxfit's all in here03:09
CarlFKwhen you used rsync, did you have to enter a password ?03:11
xfxfyes, no shared ssh key03:11
CarlFKI guess doesn't prompt for it03:12
CarlFKpush to queue:33  means there are 33 mp4s still on your box that didn't get up to the DS box03:14
CarlFKare those all of them you plan on doing?03:14
xfxfthyethey're transferring as we speak03:15
xfxfthere will be more than 10 on the dc box03:15
xfxfthis is australia dude, not the us :)03:15
xfxflike i said... i'm not convinced this is a step which is condusive to getting things up faster in my scenarios03:17
CarlFKwhen you upload to youtube, do you hit a local google box?03:17
xfxfprobably, i don't know03:17
xfxfit goes faster than this though, that's for sure03:18
CarlFK(10:32:12 PM) mithro-work: CarlFK, that makes sense, Google is likely to have better connectivity then the general public03:33
CarlFKthat may not apply to archive - but you said you wanted to skip archive, right ?03:34
CarlFKxfxf: the rsync have all stopped05:02
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xfxfCarlFK: they haven't, it's still going, staring at it now06:59
CarlFKxfxf: this hasn't grown in the last few min - it should be  1223995776 2013-07-09 02:45 .Modern_scientific_computing_and_big_data_analytics_in_Python.mp4.2B039i07:07
CarlFKand df isn't showing any change07:07
CarlFKbut if this transfer is slower than going to youtube, do that07:10
CarlFKand don't change post_yt, change push  to:07:11
CarlFK    def process_ep(self, ep):07:11
CarlFK        return True07:11
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CarlFKI wrote which will look for files as they get rsynced and bump the state so post_yt will post them.07:28
CarlFKbut i don't see any data coming in.07:29
CarlFKI am off to bed - be back in 5 hours07:29
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tpb<> (at
mithro-workxfxf, that gives you the information you'll need to try and deploy the HDMI2USB device somewhere...08:26
mithro-workIt's pretty much connector hell :(08:32
xfxfta. indeed08:39
xfxfCarlFK: sent you an email09:22
xfxfi'm flicking youtube videos to public via the yt api09:23
xfxfer, yt web interface09:23
xfxfCarlFK: if i don't hear from you in the next ~4-5 hours i'm going to start poking richard/pyvideo related things and hope for the best09:52
xfxfassuming this workflow is run richard script > review and flick up twice (including emailing) > make public > tweet09:54
xfxfi'm not waiting for the presenters to review their talks :)09:54
xfxfi'll do above from DC box veyepar instance09:55
xfxfalso - can i please upgrade the debian instance on this to something modern?  it's ancient...09:55
davenI hear debian sid bleeding edge edition is the thing to be running these days :-)09:56
xfxfthis is running lenny09:56
davenenjoy your museum-grade linux09:56
davenshout if you want me to do something productive from about 1700 CET+109:57
xfxfah, relating to?09:57
xfxfi should be good regarding this stuff, i'm just trying to work through carl's new workflow09:57
xfxflast conference ~2 months ago i ended up just hacking the shit out of veyepar to make it work the old way09:57
xfxfi have some blackmagic hd-sdi gear to pickup tomorrow09:59
xfxfi might poke you regarding that09:59
mithro-workxfxf, your based in Melbourne these days?11:49
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skayxfxf: omg do please upgrade that box so that whenever I contribute to veyepar I don't have to use pythonisms from 195013:23
xfxfi want to know why carl hasn't upgraded it13:26
xfxfhe has root13:26
xfxfi can do it but there is probably logic as to why it's renamed in ancient rome13:27
xfxfremained, rather13:27
skayI think a long time ago I asked him and he told me that it was because it is your machine and he didn't know if there was a reason you hadn't upgraded it13:28
xfxfthe vm runs ndv stuff only13:28
xfxfhe can do whatever with it as he wishes13:28
skayokay, from my point of view, you guys shouldn't change a box in production unless you are confident that you can rollback the changes13:29
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skayprobably that is true, but I just wanted to mention that13:29
xfxfsure, doing this in a way which isn't just a blind upgrade is assumed13:29
xfxfi mean, what can possibly go wrong upgrading a version of debian 2 or 3 releases old? ;)13:30
skaythere's an install script that does everything for13:30
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skayeverything for veyepar but where is the ndv static stuff for the marketing site?13:30
skayyuo guys hand out cards and stuff that point to it13:30
xfxfsame vm13:30
xfxfit running on an ancient version of debian is not a good thing13:30
skayI don't disagree with that13:31
xfxfgiven would have stopped supporting it13:31
xfxfis fine13:31
xfxfi'll ping him to solve this13:31
skayI'm wearing my beard with respect to keeping things up in production13:31
skaywith respect to a website thingee13:31
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xfxfprobably will just spin up another vm with a copy of the lvm partition13:31
xfxfand upgrade that13:31
xfxfand see what breaks13:31
skaywhere is the source for the marketing site?13:32
skaysomewhere other than the vm?13:33
xfxfi believe it's the same vm13:33
CarlFKim up13:33
xfxflook at apache config13:33
xfxfit's some wierd django cms thing carl put together13:33
xfxfhey carl13:33
skayalso, I haven't being paying attention to where you are in the show and what you are using13:33
CarlFKxfxf: did you see Tims comment about google's better net connection?13:34
xfxfactually the upload is going at expected speeds with rsync13:34
skayso if you are using that box at this moment, I would not recommend changing it until you are done and [B[B[B[B[B13:34
xfxfi'm just maxing my connection at 2.5mbit/sec13:34
xfxfand there are quite a few videos13:35
xfxfso this is probably normal13:35
xfxfskay: oh, haha, i wouldn't upgrade it _right now_13:35
xfxfjust identifying it needs to get done13:35
skayand there are no other shows for a bit13:35
skayoh, I didn't realize it you weren't talking about doing it right now13:35
xfxfto be honest i'd expect the upgrade to be fairly straight forward13:35
xfxfwell, at least, it's a devil i know13:35
skayme too, but since there is a show right now and it is being used I was like, wtf13:36
CarlFKskay: want to dabble with django-cms?13:36
skaydon't touch it until after all the show stuff is done, etc etc13:36
skayCarlFK: the answer to that is no.13:36
CarlFKbrb - cereal13:37
skayyay cereal13:37
xfxfwhy are you eating breakfast at like 11:30am13:37
skaycms is not my favorite thing! cereal is better than django-cms13:37
skaybtw, pyvideo vm is also kind of old and I am more invested in upgrading that but want to be more conservative about it13:38
skayfor my own stuff I'm woooo break everything! but for everyone else's real stuff I'm like a bitchy release manager13:38
skayokay, my attention is going to wander wait no13:39
skayopen an issue on github about upgrading the ndv vm!13:39
skaythat way we don't forget13:39
xfxfsure, makes sense13:40
xfxflogged against what project?13:40
skayright now, veyepar seems the place. there isn't some more organizational thingee being used13:41
skayissue tracker in github seems good enough for now13:41
skayare you watching the repo so that you get emails and stuff?13:41
skayCarlFK: arg internet is behaving weirdly13:42
xfxfCarlFK: can you add me as a project member to veyepar?13:42
skayspeaking of which, you guys should totally have a project thingabob!13:42
skaythen you can have repos collected in the project thingabob13:43
skayI was wishing you guys had that back when I was making repos13:43
xfxfCarlFK: i'm running your script that checks for rsync'ed video and pushes the status up in a screen with --poll 12013:43
xfxfthings are making their way to youtube automagically so i assume that's safe13:44
skayhe's still doing cereal probably because I hear dish stuff downstairs maybe13:45
skayyou are probably okay to assume that13:45
skayare you going to bed soon13:45
xfxfin bed now13:45
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CarlFKwacky wifi14:05
skayCarlFK: wacky wired too14:06
skayIt's gone up and down a few times this morning14:06
CarlFKthe wired connection to the cable modem has gone down twice14:08
CarlFKshout if you notice it again so I can look at the cable modem lights14:08
xfxfwhat speed is your cable?14:12
CarlFK says 20 down, 10 up14:14
tpbTitle: - The Global Broadband Speed Test (at
xfxfah, 10, right14:14
xfxfsee, mine is ~110mbit down14:14
xfxfand 2-2.5 up14:14
CarlFKI can't rely too much on that test  - comcast ISP gives me a big connection, then throttles it after some amount of use - like 100mb in 5 seconds scale14:16
CarlFKthe advertise it as "turbo - you get a boost when you need it"14:16
CarlFKwhich makes sense for people surfing web pages full of jpegs and watching videos14:17
xfxfit's because the buffer of the data being sent through the nsa fills up14:17
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