Tuesday, 2013-07-09

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CarlFKmithro: back home?04:49
mithroCarlFK, not till tonight04:50
CarlFKmithro: can you be around for the next 30 - 60 min?  I am running over to PS1 to try and build a collector on a 12.10 box .. that isn't squeeky clean05:01
CarlFKright now so that I can try to use it for an event tomrrow05:02
mithroI'm kinda around05:06
mithrounless the interwebs crap out05:06
xfxfthat won't happen05:07
xfxfthe internet here is exceptional05:07
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CarlFKoh my... 476 packages can be updated.  195 updates are security updates.06:12
CarlFKupdate ahoy!06:12
CarlFKNeed to get 385 MB of archives....   that's like 1/2 a CD!!06:18
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xfxfCarlFK: you around?15:02
xfxfyoutube api is barfing at me15:02
xfxfwierd error15:02
xfxfgoogling seems to indicate it's related to oauth changes15:02
CarlFKoh hell15:03
xfxfseen this before?15:03
xfxfthis is the pyconau channel15:03
xfxfi dunno if i need to do anything special15:04
xfxfworked fine last year15:04
CarlFKyou hacked push didn't you?15:04
xfxfif i google the error people seem to be complaining from about 2 weeks ago onwards15:05
xfxfi haven't pushed15:05
xfxfi'm just trying to do post_yt from here with the state 1 lower15:05
CarlFKstart pushing the stuff to the DS box15:05
xfxfthat breaks my intended workflow15:05
xfxfi'm about to go to bed15:06
xfxfi haven't qa'ed all of the videos yet15:06
CarlFKwell, currentl work flow isn't working15:06
xfxfthis error is independent of workflow though?15:06
CarlFKand it is going to take you longer15:06
xfxfand last time i tried your veyepar stuff on the dc box, it barfed, because it's a really really old version of python...15:06
CarlFKrun rsync at the command line to get the files up to the DS box15:06
xfxfi don't like this, but, ok, sure15:07
xfxfi don't even know if the videos are good15:07
CarlFKdo that right now so they are transfering while youu sleep15:07
CarlFKthat's ok - they are marked private so no one will see them till you flip the state to public15:07
xfxfit just seems like there are too many steps here... this slows things down15:08
xfxfbut sure, i'll run with it15:08
xfxfwe now have several transfer processes15:08
CarlFKthe first trasfer starts sooner15:09
CarlFKin this case maybe a day15:09
CarlFKdo you have rsync running now?15:10
xfxfnot working15:10
xfxffiguring out why15:10
CarlFKah, bet ssh keys15:11
xfxfyou have a bug15:11
xfxfit flicks the state up even if it fails15:11
CarlFKwell, you should be able to type in your pw15:11
xfxfit's not even asking15:11
xfxf$ python push.py -r Tasman_B15:12
xfxfpush 2504 Pythonic iterators and generators15:12
xfxfpush 2507 Modules 101: how to avoid spaghetti, big balls of mud and houses of straw!15:12
xfxfpush 2510 Software Carpentry arrives Down Under!15:12
xfxfpush 2513 Limiting Execution Time Through Interrupt Driven Programming15:12
xfxfit's moved all of those from state 3->415:12
CarlFKrun rsync in a shell - to do whatever is in the mp4 dir15:14
xfxfto test or to do this?15:14
CarlFKto do it15:14
xfxfwill be a while until everything is encoded, so, won't work15:15
xfxfstill chugging away15:15
CarlFKwhatever  is encoded so far15:15
xfxf... that breaks your workflow though?15:15
CarlFKnot really15:16
xfxfbtw, connectivity where i am now is fine - i'm home on cable15:16
xfxfyou're not cycling the state up15:16
CarlFKpush will rersync, and rsync will see it is there15:16
xfxfright, just thinking this through15:16
xfxfright, changing state back to an earlier figure is fine in that scenario15:16
xfxfto clarify15:17
xfxfyour workflow15:17
xfxfpush whatever there -> dc box15:17
xfxfdc box -> youtube15:17
xfxfqa on youtube15:17
xfxfflick manually to public?15:17
CarlFKflick manually = set state in veyepar, run mk_public15:18
xfxfare each of those steps ran with a --poll ?15:18
CarlFKmk_public yes - set state in veyepar is what you do when you have QA a video15:19
xfxfi mean each of the above steps15:19
xfxfi'm trying to wrap my brain around all of these added steps15:19
CarlFKget rsync running - i just wok up and want to make coffee for me and S..15:20
xfxfi'll do that but i'll probably be gone when you get back dude - it's 1:30am and i need to be up early for meetings15:21
xfxfgoing - night15:26
xfxfrsyncing up now15:26
xfxfpw.py there too15:26
xfxfthat said, the point of this convo really was more of a poke to see if you had seen that youtube error before15:27
xfxfand as per email, if i need a richard api login, please provide15:27
CarlFKah, you aren't pushing to ndv youtube account are you?15:31
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iiieCarlFK, I Bcced you on my response to Eric19:37
iiieoff to lunch19:37
CarlFKsee ya19:37
CarlFKiiie - no streaming tonight19:38
iiiehe he he19:38
CarlFKI thought I might, so you may have heard..19:38
iiieI hadn't19:38
CarlFKbut I do have collector stuff installed on a box at ps119:38
CarlFKthats all - luch awaites19:38
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CarlFKYouTubeError({'status': 401, 'body': 'NoLinkedYouTubeAccount', 'reason': 'Unauthorized'},)19:52
* CarlFK googs19:52
CarlFKmay have an answer.. I so hope...19:53
CarlFK"... I actually clicked on my username in the upper right corner and did  something...but basically it just prompted me to link YouTube to my  Google account. "19:55
CarlFKand did  something... right.19:55
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CarlFKyoutube auth figured out20:41
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xfxfCarlFK: yes, to the pyconau channel -- i uploaded videos for that other conference about a month ago using their youtube channel, no worries23:24
xfxfwhat was the issue?23:24
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CarlFKmeeting now.. read all my posts for details23:45
CarlFKI'll have more time in a few hours23:46
CarlFKxfxf: http://pyvideo.org/video/2196/computer-science-software-engineering-and-the-s  make sure that looks ok, follow the link to the youtube page, make sure it is on the right channel/account23:47
tpb<http://ln-s.net/-QCI> (at pyvideo.org)23:47

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