Monday, 2013-07-08

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iiieCarlFK, would you believe that Eric (I can't recall which PDX event he was part of, I see him around) is asking about what it would take to get recording going for the PDX Python meetups!21:54
CarlFKer, yes21:55
CarlFKit's a bit of work for just a few talks21:56
CarlFKso I am -1 right now21:56
iiieAs I read the latest, it's not for us to run.  Pick out what gear they need, and get someone there proficient.21:57
iiieIt would be nice if we could recommend DV switch or it's replacement.  (Yes I know we're in limbo there.)21:58
iiieand it's unlikely that we'd be able to get the camera to match21:58
iiiewould Tim's "in a box" be more in line?21:59
CarlFKand get someone there proficient.22:03
CarlFKthat's the problem22:03
CarlFKthat is more work than just doing it :)22:03
CarlFKTim's "in a box" is currently the best of breed.. but not sure how stable it is either22:04
CarlFKwhat my selfish self says: get them to get up to speed on gst-switch22:06
iiieyeah, but...22:06
CarlFKthat will be the most effort, but the best ROI22:06
iiieIs gst-switch to the point where it can be used for this?  We'd (I'd) probably have to get me up to speed on gst-switch too.22:07
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CarlFKanything less isn't worth the hassle   ..  imo22:11
CarlFKI have no idea what state it is in22:12
CarlFKbut anything they do is going to require a pretty big time investment22:12
CarlFKso may as well get some progress on gst-swtich out of it22:12
CarlFKotherwyise 1/2 of that investment gets lost when we ditch dvswitch22:13
iiieThat's solid advice22:14
iiieeven DV switch isn't going to get them anywhere without the right hardware (cameras with firewire)22:14
CarlFKright - camera, twinpact (which isn't for sale anymore) and laptops with firewire22:15
CarlFKand even if they do, I am not sure how rock solid it would be .. I have put lots of effort into making it work smooth, but no clue what will happen when someone else decides to follow my recipe22:17
CarlFKmore selfish me...  poke them to see if they are up for setting up Symposium to use to manage the talk data22:24
CarlFKit is work, but so is not using it22:25
CarlFKand like foo-switch, if they put the work into using it, there is more outcome than just a few videos22:25
CarlFKand if they try to roll their own, I am going to put them on ignore ;)22:26
CarlFKI am still debugging the new ChiPy schedule talk title manager22:26
iiieyeah, pick a service (or services) to support, or an API, then insist on it.  If the API doesn't validate... it doesn't count22:28
CarlFKit is more than just that22:33
CarlFKlike right now 1/2 the talks say "released:no"22:34
CarlFKbecause of some bug22:34
CarlFKI think the same bug is also eating email addresses ... but that may have been by design22:34
CarlFKor something22:34
iiiesigh, this is why having nice things is difficult22:34
CarlFKI figure collectively  a bunch of us are going to put in a bunch of effort.  I don't really care what the ratio is of me:them, I just want the best return on that effort22:36
CarlFKand every time someone rolls their own schedule management (which pretty close to 100%) it seems like I end up doing more work22:37
CarlFKso total loose loose22:37
CarlFKwhich is depressing, so lose more.22:37
iiieYeah, hm, know anyone who can blog about why to pick Symposium.  Get endorsement from bigger names.  Point at blog post.22:38
iiiethen threaten kittens22:38
CarlFKwell, the "use Symp.."  all falls apart outside of Carl's video world22:39
CarlFKit hardly makes sense for a conference that can't afford to pay Eldarion to help22:40
CarlFKand even if all goes well, it's feature set isn't well suited for a user group22:41
CarlFKwow, I paint a pretty dark picture22:41
CarlFKtry to use gst-switch wich I have never used, and try to use Symp which is hard and not really right22:42
CarlFKand try to get audio right so the videos don't sound like crap22:42
iiieWe'll get it sorted out eventually22:42
tpb<> (at
CarlFK        q = parse_qs(o.query)22:43
CarlFKI need a python 2.4 version22:43
CarlFKPython 2.5.2 (r252:60911, Jan 24 2010, 17:44:40)22:43
CarlFKmake that 2.522:43
skayget ryan to update python on his box22:45
skayhis version is so old22:46
skaysurely it won't break production (bwaha)22:46
CarlFKactually if you dig though the git history you will find the code22:46
CarlFKI replaced it when I discovered parse_qs()22:47
tpb<> (at
tpb<> (at
CarlFKeven better22:47
skayI've found myself playing with your code before and starting to use things that are in > 2.6 (or maybe starting in 2.6) and then I remember doh22:47
skayiiie: you are so handy!22:48
iiiefor yours you still want urlparse from urlparse22:48
iiieskay, I do what I can22:48
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