Sunday, 2013-07-07

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CarlFKxfxf: mithro watching stream - neat00:41
CarlFKxfxf: mithro stream dead00:52
xfxfCarlFK: you sure? seems to be working here00:55
xfxf6 viewers00:57
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CarlFKxfxf: stream down... but I guess lunch time?02:53
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xfxfCarlFK: working?03:37
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CarlFKxfxf: hit martin04:06
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xfxfCarlFK: done05:08
xfxfCarlFK: i don't know why you want me to, but i did it anyway05:08
xfxfi love martin05:09
CarlFKneeded to flip to twinpact05:10
xfxfduring a break?05:14
xfxfi recorded the last talk and definitely switched to all slides05:14
xfxfhe spent a lot of time on each slide05:14
CarlFKit was q&a05:15
CarlFKlike 3 talks ago05:15
CarlFKiPython Notebook talk05:16
CarlFKoh wow.. Day or Technical was just demoed on the pi05:17
xfxfyou mean day of the tentacle?05:20
tpbTitle: Retro DOS gaming on the Raspberry Pi - YouTube (at
CarlFKcamera pointed at the screen cuz I left the hdmi2usb power supply at home05:25
CarlFKand I haven't actually hooked it to dvswitch either.. so who knows what would have happened05:26
xfxfi've bought a bunch of blackmagic hd-sdi gear05:27
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xfxfand have tim's usb2hdmi board05:27
xfxfso intend on hacking on video stuff soon05:27
captainvideoso remind me why Ryan was instructed to strike me CarlFK05:27
xfxfvga is starting to become a problem05:27
xfxfcaptainvideo: because you're incompetent05:28
CarlFKcaptainvideo: you were like vga05:28
xfxfa problem05:28
CarlFKyou ask too many ?s05:28
xfxfu r analog05:28
captainvideoCarlFK: hold me05:31
* CarlFK eats pizza 05:32
* captainvideo eats CarlFK 05:32
captainvideonom nom nom05:33
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xfxfdo you want help with your computer machine, captainvideo?05:35
captainvideoyes pls05:36
captainvideoit runs this terrible OS called Linux05:36
captainvideoI don't know how I got here.05:36
xfxfyou'd probably install cisco ios onto a laptop if you could05:38
captainvideowhat's iOS?05:39
captainvideosounds like Cawfii05:39
CarlFKit's what miSpace runs05:39
captainvideowhat's misplace?05:41
captainvideothere's a gay press? why didn't I know this.05:42
captainvideoI want to read their editorial.05:42
captainvideoit will be far better than normal press.05:43
CarlFKwoa.. what an accent05:51
xfxfwe're switching the streaming off for this talk05:51
xfxfis that ok?05:51
* captainvideo killed it05:52
captainvideoit's gone05:52
captainvideonobody likes Americans.05:52
xfxfCarlFK: in all seriousness... at pycon au half the presenters are american.  at pycon us it seems many of the presenters are australian.  my brain is broken. i don't know where i am.05:52
CarlFKpeople like traveling for conferences05:53
captainvideostraya, m805:53
captainvideowith kilts!05:54
CarlFKI didn't want PyCon to come to Chicago cuz i wouldn't get to travel05:54
captainvideoI like planes05:55
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CarlFKxfxf: streaming... is this the last talk?05:56
captainvideothis is the last talk05:56
captainvideolightening talks are next05:57
CarlFKawww, I like them...05:57
CarlFKwhy not stream them?05:57
captainvideoso watch05:57
captainvideoI will05:57
captainvideothe presenters laptop is boned.06:00
captainvideoit went for a swim06:00
captainvideoand still works. all connectors are corroded heavily.06:01
captainvideoyou're not streaming clearly.06:01
captainvideopresenters laptop just dropped video briefly.06:02
captainvideoyou know Adam Forsyth, Karl?06:03
CarlFKkinda ...06:04
CarlFKI know the guy he quoted06:04
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captainvideodid you get a nice view of the venue CarlFK06:42
captainvideoare you watching the stream?06:42
captainvideoI did a nice pan around before the talks started :p06:42
CarlFKi puked06:43
captainvideomail me some plz06:43
CarlFKthe cat ate it all06:43
CarlFKdid I just hear applause ?06:44
captainvideopeople clapped him06:44
captainvideoit how we roll here in aus06:44
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CarlFKcaptainvideo: vga.07:06
CarlFKlittle slow on flipping to slide :(07:08
CarlFKI missed how to generate meams07:08
captainvideoI am sure you know memes07:08
CarlFKI need more meme07:09
* CarlFK drinks 07:10
CarlFKoohhh.. pechie!!!07:25
CarlFKI need to drink more07:30
CarlFKducky is cutey07:31
CarlFKwe are going to get rickrolled07:34
CarlFKpan pan07:35
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CarlFKwoot woot07:56
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CarlFKxfxf: mithro martin.. good job.. I am off to bed now08:06
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