Saturday, 2013-07-06

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xfxfmithro: i still have major doubts about the routing/nat ability of that device00:59
mithroxfxf, probably00:59
xfxfannoyingly i have a 4g usb card at home that 'just works' on ubuntu00:59
xfxflet me see if i can buy one outright...00:59
mithroxfxf, I think I might get a multipath project developed01:08
mithroso we can have both Optus and NextG up at the same time01:08
mithroand it'll send the data over both01:08
mithrowe also need some much better monitorin01:08
xfxfhow would you do that; aggregate the data back at the relay point?01:09
xfxfi am 75% certain that this would work fine with a proper USB 4g card01:10
xfxfwell, assuming no network congestion issues01:10
xfxfwhat we're seeing is that router thing being a pile of balls01:10
xfxfgoogling the model number results in lots of peopel complaining about dropouts01:11
xfxfwhen i was fiddling with it yesterday i was able to load a usbserial module by forcing the vendor/product id  and talk to the modem directly01:11
xfxfproblem was the computer locked up after a minute or two, but it mayy be a kernel bug01:12
tpb<> (at
xfxfmithro: ^^01:17
mithroTasman A needs help with lights01:21
mithroxfxf, ^^01:22
xfxfta, will be over01:23
xfxfif you're with them, tell them they can sms me, as their sheet says :)01:24
mithroxfxf, there is only 1 guy here?01:26
xfxfyes, that's intended01:45
xfxfsame as prior years01:46
xfxfstrong preference for 2-3 per room as per pycon us, but we're doing this on less than 4% of the budget01:47
xfxf1 works, just means that person needs to pay full attention01:47
xfxfalso re lighting01:47
xfxfhave organised spot lihtts to go in at lunch with venue av01:47
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xfxfinternets here is awesome01:48
xfxfCarlFK: you watching the stream?02:00
xfxfhow is it working?02:00
CarlFK query = query % tuple(( get_codec(a, self.encoders)(db, a) for a in args )   Is this bad? :)02:00
CarlFKpretty good02:00
xfxfwe're streaming it over a crappy mobile hotspot over mobile data02:01
CarlFKdrops now and then.. like every 20-20 min02:01
xfxfnice it works, gives us good options for streaming02:01
xfxfplonk standard dvswitch loop in, join slave camera to a wireless network, stream02:01
xfxfthat's the 4g device02:01
xfxfnot the network02:01
xfxfwith a better device this would work better02:02
xfxfi think tim worked out the data to be about 1gb/hr, but that's at 2mbits02:02
xfxfat 1mbit (current bw?) it'd be about half02:02
CarlFKit is about the same as any other stream... so pretty much on par with what people expect02:02
xfxf12gb is $18002:02
xfxfwhich.. for streaming.. is doable02:02
xfxfso beyond s3 costs for the relay, we're talking like $80/day/room or something02:03
xfxfas horrible as 12gb for $180 is, the venue we're in can't give us any better than an ADSL connection, and it's a lot cheaper than what venues charge anyway :)02:04
xfxfhow much was that connection for pycon us - some stupid figure?02:04
CarlFKmeh, it was a funny number that's really just part of being at a venue02:05
xfxfother advantage of mobile data is we don't ahve to run a network between rooms, which can be challenging/impossible in some venues02:05
xfxfoh, i realise02:05
xfxfbut it's still a real cost to a conference if they want streaming02:05
xfxfirrespective of hw the figure is derived02:05
CarlFKand we don't have to deal with venue tech dummies02:06
xfxfhow many telcos have LTE in the US?02:07
xfxf4G for most is what we call 3G02:07
CarlFKwhat's lte02:07
CarlFKare you in the Jacob room?02:07
xfxfin the same room that is streaming02:08
xfxfso yes02:08
CarlFKcan you get them to do pnp for a sec?02:08
CarlFKI want to see if audio drops02:08
xfxfone sec02:08
xfxfaudio ok?02:08
CarlFKi think02:09
CarlFKbring the mic level back up02:09
xfxfaudio being done by venue, can't02:09
xfxfwell, easily02:09
xfxfthere was an audio bug with pnp?02:09
CarlFKso dvswitch without any effects just moves DV frames around .. 120000 bytes each.02:10
CarlFKwhatever frame comes in, goes out, not modified02:10
CarlFKpnp and fade have to decode, construct a new frame, encode back to DV02:10
CarlFKsomething about the encode parameter does not get along with gstreamer's dv decode02:11
CarlFKbut ffmpeg (so ffmpeg2theora and melt) is not effected by it02:11
CarlFKoh, and it was in both my PPA version of dvswitch, and git master.  Ben did a "I think I see the problem, try this patch" which I think I applied and it didn't fix it02:21
xfxfah, right02:31
xfxfmakes sense - was going to say, how the hell would there be an audio drop that isn't in the saved file02:31
xfxfbut, makes sense if there are incompatibilities between the dv encode/decode02:31
xfxfis this a bug in dvswitch?02:32
CarlFKI think the bad data does end up in the saved file..but it isn02:33
CarlFKbut ffmpeg workes around it, gstreamer doesn't02:34
CarlFKthe audio data is there, just something funky with the metadata flags something02:34
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CarlFKmithro: dvswitch pnp didn't kill the audio.  not sure what dv libs ryan's dvswtich uses - any chance your collector gstreamer side is different?02:48
mithrowe not using dvswitch pnp02:50
mithrothere is a hardware mixer involved02:50
mithrodvswitch just gets the already mixed feed02:50
CarlFKxfxf: video!03:00
CarlFKmithro: hit xfxf!03:00
CarlFKther we go\03:00
mithroCarlFK, you watching the stream?03:11
xfxfCarlFK: remember martin? he's the one manning the stream you're watching03:14
xfxfi'm running around between rooms with my hair on fire as per usual03:14
* CarlFK knocks on the screen HI MARTIN!!!03:14
xfxfCarlFK: the dvswitch we're running should be the same as what your pycon usa 2013 laptops used03:14
xfxfi'm using the same image03:14
xfxfwhich is an old version of ubuntu with your deb files afaik03:14
CarlFKbut what did you use to make the pnp?03:14
xfxfwe're using a hardware video switcher but it's only for switching between two lecturns03:15
xfxfand only one twinpact, grabbing the output of that03:15
CarlFKwill you two figure out what is going on :)03:15
xfxfi don't understand your question03:15
CarlFK(09:50:16 PM) mithro: we not using dvswitch pnp03:16
xfxfwe are03:16
xfxfmithro: what are you referring to?03:16
xfxfthis is basically the same as the loop at pycon usa for the main room, but cut down03:16
xfxfCarlFK: stream still working ok?03:17
CarlFKoh hell.. we jinxed it03:17
CarlFKnm, just presenter pausing03:17
xfxfshould i get a long stick to poke him with?03:18
CarlFKyeah, this talk is boring03:19
xfxfi just tried to help a presenter in another room but he didn't want to cooperate03:21
xfxfhe's presenting with the tinest fonts ever and huge page margins :(03:21
tpbTitle: Twitter / mpesce: #protip when making slides, ... (at
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captainxfxf: av is poo.03:22
*** captain is now known as Guest2468003:22
xfxfYOU DO IT THEN03:22
CarlFKmark pesce.. isn't he the one that had bad slides at lca?03:22
xfxfCarlFK: Guest24680  is Martin03:22
* CarlFK knocks on the screen HI MARTIN!!!03:22
xfxfCarlFK: yep. :)03:22
Guest24680I got the good room :p03:23
Guest24680everything works.03:23
xfxfi cn break something for you if you'e like03:23
xfxfi can kick the tripod...03:23
* CarlFK pushes screen over 03:23
Guest24680not again03:23
Guest24680xfxf you already did that :p03:24
Guest24680how's the stream carl03:25
Guest24680can you feel the code?03:25
CarlFKthis talk does not excite me03:25
Guest24680it bored me so much I accidentally frame swapped. he's a smart guy. just not of interest to me03:26
xfxfman, how hard to please are you03:26
Guest24680all other talks have been tops03:26
xfxfGuest24680: as somebody on the av crew, suggest avoid making comentary about the talks :)03:26
xfxfwe represent the conference...03:26
xfxfalso why the hell am i talking to you on irc03:27
Guest24680I am a terrible coder03:27
xfxfyou're next to me03:27
Guest24680I speaks more to me than him03:27
Guest24680just sayin03:27
xfxffor promoting this further03:27
xfxfonly 4 clients03:27
xfxfand 2 of them are me and carl03:27
Guest24680<- hurr DURR expert03:27
skayI'm watching the stream with CarlFK03:27
skaythanks for streaming!03:27
skayI don't mind testing talks.03:27
skayI like testing03:27
xfxfthat said, if you're looking at this carl, and you reckon it's working well, then the experiment is working from my perspective (i care about dvswitch -> relay, i.e. is 4g workable for doing this)03:27
xfxfskay: hi!03:28
Guest24680I care the switching and video is pretty03:28
Guest24680quality matters.03:28
xfxfCarlFK: he's more pedantic then i am03:29
Guest24680TEST FOR FAIL03:29
skayhas anyone tweeted about the stream? you can get more people that way03:29
xfxfskay: yep, conference twitter account as as well03:29
Guest24680tweet it to Kevin Rudd.03:30
skayI'm surprised you don't have more watchers03:30
skayI really enjoyed that security talk. I'm a newbie03:30
CarlFKxfxf: want me to tweet it on the nextday account?03:30
skaywho has the pyconav twitter account?03:30
Guest24680skay: same. I loved it.03:30
CarlFKthere's a pyconav twitter account?03:30
xfxfCarlFK: already did03:31
* skay laughs at CarlFK 03:31
Guest24680skay: as I say. I am programming nub.03:31
CarlFKxfxf: why does that guys shirt look weird?03:31
xfxfskay: i have a feeling one of the other team members made it - either dave or the danes03:31
Guest24680carl. this isn't Americas next top model.03:31
xfxfhow so?03:31
xfxfit's not red... ;)03:31
Guest24680i wore a red shirt ESP03:32
CarlFKthe guy asking the question.. I think it was russle03:32
* skay notes to wear red for the next talk03:32
CarlFKthe floor looks like a disco03:33
Guest24680it is03:33
* CarlFK boogies 03:33
CarlFKxfxf: posted to #python?03:34
Guest24680a python coder running vista got a nice boo at lunch break. somebody tried to USB boot ubuntu 13.04 and it kernel panic'd. lol'd.03:34
xfxfcawhat's that?03:35
CarlFKyeah - look at his shirt..  I think he is on fire03:35
CarlFKxfxf:  whats what?   #python?03:36
xfxfssh [Blaaaaaaaag03:36
CarlFKever heard of IRC?03:36
xfxflike i'm plain text irc'ing03:37
xfxfthey'll know my secrets and stuff03:37
CarlFKfree backup03:37
skaydo you have any more clients now? I retweeted, I tweeted, Tim just tweeted....03:37
skayI could tweet the livevideo to the prism twitter account if it helps03:39
tpbTitle: PRISM US Gov (PRISM_NSA) auf Twitter (at
Guest24680away we go03:41
Guest24680GO DERPER03:41
*** Guest24680 is now known as captainvideo03:43
captainvideostill good CarlFK03:44
captainvideopretty graphs03:45
mithroanyone on the stream?03:50
mithrowrong hcannel03:50
tpbTitle: Stream Time for! (at
xfxf9 clients03:55
xfxfxrandr --output DISPLAY1 --mode 1024x768 --same-as DISPLAY203:58
xfxfi need to write that down on a sheet03:58
captainvideohe is writing03:59
xfxfam not04:06
CarlFKhe's needing04:07
captainvideohe's adhding04:10
tpbTitle: Sexy NSA Commercial With Sasha Grey from Sasha Grey, Ryan Perez, Funny Or Die, Brian Lane, Chris Poole, Parker Seaman, Barats and Bereta, Melissa Gould McNeely, and BoTown Sound (at
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CarlFKcan we see the camera so we know if the stream is still up?04:15
captainvideocamera ahoy04:16
captainvideoback to stored image. :)04:16
CarlFKcan't leave it on the camera ?04:16
captainvideovideo switches for lief. stored a slide image for placeholder.04:16
CarlFKli what?04:17
captainvideoCHECK OUT THAT PRO VIDEO04:24
captainvideoPRODUCTION VALUE +++04:24
xfxfCarlFK: he's worse than i am04:25
CarlFKaudio !!!!04:25
CarlFKvideo still here, no audo04:25
CarlFKcaptainvideo: fix!!!04:25
skayyay! back!04:25
CarlFKstop breaking all the things!04:26
captainvideoI have NFI why that occurred.04:26
CarlFKR said venue was running sound?04:26
captainvideothey are. I must have touched a button killing dvswitch04:28
CarlFKcaptainvideo:  I can hear him typing ... i bet it looks interesting04:28
xfxfhow long was audio out for04:29
xfxfalso this is the exact argument _for_ streaming04:29
CarlFK30 seconds04:29
xfxfright, ta04:29
captainvideoNOTE TO SELF. dvswitch is alive.04:31
xfxfCarlFK: wtf happened to the patch for dvswitch that allowed for audio monitoring?04:31
CarlFKno clue04:31
CarlFKI use dvswitch-command -- ffmpeg stuff04:32
xfxfi'm not a fan of tha tthough04:32
xfxfvisual indicator is ok04:32
xfxfactual audio out is delayed and cpu heavy04:32
xfxfany idea where that patch went?04:32
xfxfi have somebody who can review it04:32
CarlFKnever saw the patch04:32
xfxfwho wrote it?04:33
xfxfor was it the lca2011 dude who ended up dissapearing?04:33
CarlFKI seem to remember it being related to lca..04:34
xfxfguessing it never actually fully existed04:35
xfxfguessing intent to create which was miscommunicated04:35
CarlFKor it kinda worked.. on his box.. using who knows what... and crashed...04:35
xfxfwhat are basic features we really need to get into dvswitch, keeping in mind i'm keen on phasing it out within 12 months04:35
xfxf- not disabling fade on pip04:36
xfxf- audio out ability04:36
xfxfanything else?04:36
CarlFKi don't even think those are worth messing with04:36
xfxfso anything?04:36
xfxfyou can't, you just derped04:37
captainvideoFAT KFC FINGERS04:37
CarlFKxfxf: maybe track down the audio problem04:39
xfxfCarlFK: i'm 100% certain martin pushed a key by accident04:40
xfxfaudio source in dvswitch changed04:40
CarlFKthe one I saw with pho04:40
xfxfhe knows04:40
xfxfshouldn't happen again04:40
xfxfoh, sorry04:40
xfxfyou need to give me a way to replicate it though04:40
CarlFKyeah - it's around04:41
xfxfas you're seeing, the setup i use doesn't exhibit the problem04:41
captainvideoI am the prolem04:41
captainvideoFAT FINGERS04:41
CarlFKyeah - that's the 'track down' part of it ;/04:41
captainvideopour water on it04:42
* xfxf marks bug as "cannot reproduce"04:42
captainvideoWILL NOT FIX04:42
CarlFKpretty sure i gave iiie2 some pretty simple steps04:42
xfxfthat.... is roman?04:42
xfxfroman uses dvswitch for events too?04:42
CarlFKnot solo04:43
CarlFKbut we just did 2 shows in portland in the last few months04:43
xfxfbugger, was going to say, be cool if other groups were adopting this workflow04:43
captainvideomany use it04:43
xfxfah, right04:43
captainvideobut they don't have the output workflow04:43
captainvideoand get balled up04:43
xfxfand he's a local portlander04:43
captainvideoright. I knocked alt04:45
captainvideoalt + 2 = audio source change04:45
captainvideoyeah. not leaving hand near keyboard again. :p04:48
xfxfi have no idea how one accidentally pushesa key and a modifier04:48
xfxf"oops my hadn slipped04:48
captainvideoI AM FAT OK04:49
xfxfwe are professionals04:49
captainvideowhere's the asterisk.04:49
CarlFKfrom #django: (11:18:37 PM) mattmcc: Okay, you've been at this for at least three days now, I think it's time to step back and re-assess what you're actually trying to do here. :P04:50
CarlFKsomeone has been asking about the same thing for 3 days.. I don't think he is kidding04:51
CarlFKWhy are the giving norwegian coffee?04:52
CarlFKi guess i would be pretty pissed off if a US event gave me a bag of starbux04:52
xfxfnorwegian blue04:53
xfxfgoogle it04:53
CarlFKthey should give out cans of Fosters04:53
xfxfdead parrot sketch04:53
CarlFKI posted the stream url to the chicago python list.. one of the members is a presenter04:55
CarlFKAdam Forsyth04:56
xfxfi found the archive04:56
CarlFKMy Stack Overflow talk is at 00:50 Saturday night / Sunday Morning CDT (15:30 Suinday Australian Eastern Time), so if you didn't catch it last November tune in for ChiPy Down Under!04:56
xfxfwhy is there an i in Sunday04:57
xfxfthere's no i in Sunday where you copied and pasted that from04:57
xfxfthat pycon usa video04:58
xfxfwhere it's huilarious amateur hour04:58
xfxfwhich one was it?04:58
CarlFKum... i think it was teh first Atlanta.. so ... 201005:08
CarlFK(15:30 Suinday Australia  there is too an I05:09
CarlFK  Suinday05:09
tpbTitle: [Chicago] live pycon au this weekend (at
xfxfah, rad, i was looking through the 2009 videos05:10
*** captainvideo has quit IRC05:11
xfxflooking through old videos05:13
xfxfwe've definitely gotten a LOT better at this05:13
xfxfthe 2009/2010 ones are amateur as hell05:13
xfxfalso what the hell is with blip.tv05:15
xfxfi swear they're re-encoded our videos a few times05:15
xfxfthey look awful05:15
xfxfdo you hve any of the 2009/2010 encoded files archived?05:15
xfxfmight be worth pushing them up somewhere else at some stage05:15
xfxfand changing pyvideo05:15
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xfxfCarlFK: can't find that video05:18
*** mithro-phone has joined #pycon-av05:18
xfxffound it05:22
CarlFKi might have the files, but no clue if I have the data files, so working with it will be annoying05:22
xfxfblip have gone down the toilet05:23
xfxfevery time i look at it, it seems worse05:23
captainvideobro do you even python05:29
mithro-phonei have fixes for the schedule stuff05:29
mithro-phonebut ran out of power05:29
mithro-phonebefore i could push05:29
captainvideobro do you even code05:30
captainvideoPIZZA CARL PIZZA05:31
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CarlFKhmm, I think the pizza needs to be put in the fridge05:37
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captainvideopizza goes in the mouth05:53
CarlFKwhy am I staying up for this talk?05:56
captainvideobecause its cool05:57
captainvideowhy else05:57
captainvideoand he's American.05:59
captainvideotaste of home Karl05:59
CarlFKno wonder his goal is to burn up time on stupid06:00
CarlFKowe.. not sure I can take much more of this....06:00
mithroxfxf, poke06:02
captainvideohe's wandered off for a bit06:03
captainvideohe's back.06:05
*** captainvideo has quit IRC06:10
xfxfmithro: poke06:15
mithroxfxf, you where being kinda loud back there06:16
CarlFKwhat is that green fuzzy thing in the lower left ?06:36
CarlFK[email protected]!!!06:52
CarlFKer, stream died06:53
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* iiie2 is confident that he did not push keys to repos.08:22
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