Saturday, 2013-06-15

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skayh01ger: instead of the thinkpad you got, I got an ideapad yoga. it is not bad! I like it but I'm still getting used to some finicky things like the trackpad is way too touchy02:17
skayh01ger: and sometimes the touch screeen flakes out a little and dragging stops working02:18
skayoverall though I am happy with it!02:19
skayI am deciding which window manager to use. my friend Frank uses wmii, and I tried qtile a little little bit02:20
skayright now I am just using the default ubuntu one. I am trying out the ubuntu distro right now02:20
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mithroskay, I recommend awesome05:45
mithroit's a great tiling window manager for newbs like me05:45
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h01gerskay, i use (and love) awesome. zack also has a awesome-gnome-applet so you can use it as a wm for gnome. and then i'm happy to admit that i've looked into gnome3 and found to like it a lot. so maybe give that a try too :)15:46
h01germithro, i'm sorry i havent replied to your mail yet... etoomuch hacking on other stuff but this last week i've finally caught up on most mail backlog...15:46
mithroh01ger, hey!15:47
mithroh01ger, I sent you an email?15:47
mithroonce it's not in my inbox I forget about it pretty quickly15:47
h01germithro, "stitching talent"15:48
h01germithro, i'd like to get one of your hpga-hdmi-usb boards. how to proceed from here?15:49
mithrowe have documentation!15:49
h01ger(one now and possibly 3-20 later)15:49
h01gerurl please?15:49
tpbTitle: Home · timvideos/HDMI2USB Wiki · GitHub (at
mithrosee the second section15:49
mithroh01ger, I'm currently working on our custom board version15:50
h01gerwhich is the section section?15:51
h01geri see nothing where i can get/buy/purchase the hw15:51
tpb<> (at
mithroStep 0 - Buy Atlys Board from Digilent15:52
mithrowith a link to the board15:52
tpb<> (at
mithrothat section describes how to load our firmware15:53
mithroour documentation still needs a lot of work :)15:53
h01geri didnt click "getting started" as i assumed this required the hw already :)15:58
h01germithro, is there a standard case for it?16:00
h01ger(+found it :)16:00
mithrostandard case?16:00
mithroas in a physical case?16:00
mithrowe are currently designing one to be 3d printered16:00
* h01ger nods, such16:01
h01gerdebconfs are not neccessarily the places to deal with raw boards in a production setting :) and neither is shipping16:01
h01germithro, do i misremember or did your board have vga as well?16:01
mithrowe are doing a 3rd party VGA board16:02
mithrothe Atlys doesn't do VGA natively16:02
h01geras a addon?16:09
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mithroh01ger, yes16:45
mithroh01ger, bedtime for me16:45
h01germithro, sleep well!16:51
h01germithro, how to get the addon?16:52
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