Monday, 2013-05-27

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h01ger_skay, i have an x1 carbon and am quite happy, though usb-ethernet is so lala. the weight otoh is totally awesome... (and the power anyway)10:28
davendidn't realise the X1 had USB ethernet12:45
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CarlFKskay  (05:28:13 AM) h01ger_: skay, i have an x1 carbon and am quite happy, though usb-ethernet is so lala. the weight otoh is totally awesome... (and the power anyway)14:52
CarlFKskay_:  and what bucket should I use for ps1?14:53
skayCarlFK: yeah, saw h01ger_'s msg in my hilight window :)14:53
CarlFK3 vids, 5 min each - I am thinking Ill just use the ndv bucket for stuff like that till it flls up14:54
* h01ger_ waves14:54
skayCarlFK: I thought your ndv bucket filled up? is it 10gb? >10gb is frowny14:54
CarlFKI did to, then I accidentally put more in it14:54
skaymake an ndvpumpingstationone bucket14:54
skaythat way you don't take over the namespace that should rightfully belong to ps114:55
skayno, see. if someone is gonna make a pumpingstationone, ps1, ps312one Ps:One or other established way to refer to ps1 it should be ps114:56
CarlFKndvps1 ?14:57
skayyeah, that's nice to type14:57
skayI only have so many characters left in me14:57
CarlFKI wonder if buckets can have slashes14:57
skayprobably a bad idea even if they can14:57
* skay waves at h01ger_ 14:57
skaywtf pip install nikola worked on my mac but not on my rackspace machine?14:58
skayand it was because pillow build failed14:59
skaywtf, if that was going to fail I would have bet it would fail on my mac14:59
skaycrazy world. what is this crazy world14:59
CarlFKone of the node talks ... was more about personal time management or something.. "my key strokes are limited. I want to get the best use out of them, so I don't send email any more because only one person will read it.  If I am going to type, Ill make a blog post so more people can read it. "14:59
skayoh that is interesting14:59
skayat work, I update a status wiki page in case the guys in France ever want to know what I am up to. Then I email Victoria a link to it and recap very short in hte email15:00
CarlFKI should put the generic make_bucket in archive_upload, right ?15:00
skayI thought that was a fantastic idea until I found out due to some other email chain that she hadn't been loged in to github (so she couldn't see private repos)15:01
skaywhich probably means she never read the full statuses15:01
skayYeah, I think make_bucket would go in archive_upload?15:01
skayI'm not sure. it depends15:01
skayarchive_upload is your archive api interface, sort of...15:02
skayhow are you going to call make_bucket? and also, make_bucket is generic, but you are really making a bucket for a show, or maybe later, an event15:03
CarlFKits my stand alone code.. and I don't feel like making a 2nd .py file just for make_bucket15:03
skaybear with me while I think this out15:03
skayI know I know... I've got to think this out15:03
skayI'll be reight back I have to yak shave15:04
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CarlFKskay pip install what?  I'll run it on a crash box15:18
skaypip install nikola15:18
CarlFKerror ...  /home/juser/.virtualenvs/test1/build/lxml/src/lxml/includes/etree_defs.h:9:31: fatal error: libxml/xmlversion.h: No such file or directory15:21
CarlFKthat was on saucy15:21
skayha, mine was _imaging.c:75:20: fatal error: Python.h: No such file or directory15:21
CarlFK(test1)[email protected]:~$ apt-cache policy python-dev15:22
CarlFK  Installed: 2.7.4-0ubuntu115:22
CarlFKpretty sure that's why I got past that15:22
CarlFKhmmm.. I wish there was a way to tell pip not to try to compile anything .. just error right away15:23
skayhow would it know to error?15:23
skaywouldn't it need to start compiling to see that headers are missing?15:24
CarlFKyeah, I was just realizing the packages would need to expose that little detail15:25
CarlFKmy solution to lxml and pip compile errors is to apt-get install python-whatever15:26
CarlFKhmm, also I use  mkvirtualinv --system-site-packages foo - otherwise you don't get python-lxml15:29
CarlFK mkvirtualenv --system-site-packages test2; pip install nikola; Successfully installed nikola doit docutils unidecode yapsy PyRSS2Gen pytz configparser15:29
skayCarlFK: I made this awesome sequence diagram for you
tpbTitle: VegetableGargoyle (at
skayyeah, bucket stuff goes in archive_uploader, I just had to think about it to make sure.15:42
skayand also show off the googy websequencediagram napkin image15:43
skaytoo bad they seem to have been acquired by the freemium monster15:43
skayokay, I gave it it's own page
tpb<> (at
CarlFKfreemium monster?15:47
CarlFK   there's the diagram :_15:48
tpb<> (at
skayI added another diagram for you at the bottom15:49
skayarg they broke15:51
skaylet me save cached copies15:52
skayI saved images to files16:15
CarlFKarchive_uploader  shouldn't know about orm or any veyepar stuff.  except passwords, but thats pretty standalone too, so doesn't count16:16
skayhmm. it needs to know the data model16:17
CarlFKpost_archive knows .. which you don't have16:18
skayhow does it get called? oh yeah, okay16:18
CarlFKI think you swapped my two layers16:18
CarlFKis yuor IA my code or their server ?16:18
skayIA their server16:18
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CarlFKI love these diagrams16:19
skayme too. freemium means they took away things that were once usable to give you basic services for free, and to make you pay for the more advanced services16:20
skaythey were so cool before16:20
skayI guess I will go back to using awesome asci diagrams16:20
skayI had a drawwing program for that16:20
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skayCarlFK: (oh btw I updated hte pictures )17:23
tpb<> (at
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CarlFKlol bobcats!17:38
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iiiebobcats? what'd I miss?17:52
skayiiie: I made a sequence diagram for Carl
tpb<> (at
skayiiie: it is how I design things!17:58
skayI try not to write diagrams like that at work though, or where I worked17:58
skaypossibly I should narrate things like that in any future interviews, however17:59
iiieI often build things from rather poorer diagrams17:59
skayI suck at drawing so I like websequencediagram because it makes them for you. but that is how I think in my hdead17:59
iiiehave you seen the rockets describe in the 1000 most common words?17:59
skayI saw that, but haven't tried using it17:59
skayI have an ascii drawing program, if it helps you18:00
iiieit's a bit too extreme, but I like the idea18:00
skaythe up-goer18:00
iiieha ha ha, no, drawing is not the poor part of the diagrams I work off of18:00
skaysometimes I have boxes. that are post it notes. and I stick them around on the table18:01
skaybecause I get them int he wrong order18:02
iiiewe used to diagram by post-it, and record by camera / smart-phone.  It's the worst of almost any world.18:02
CarlFK  skay - proof that before I create ps1 bucket plz18:05
tpbTitle: Snippet #228961 (at
CarlFKthe bottom has the ..u.mmm.. values18:05
skayour mission statement uses Oxford commas, cool18:06
skayCarlFK: okay I think18:08
CarlFK<Bucket: ndvps1>  yay18:11
tpbTitle: ndvps1 : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive (at
CarlFKgah,... I can't figure out where this should live: 'bucket_id':'ndvps1',18:16
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