Saturday, 2013-05-04

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davetooHow can I figure out why this is in "borked" state:
tpb<$6> (at
davetooHmm.. I found the draft video.  Looks intact/complete.01:20
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davetooHi CarlFK01:21
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davetooCarlFK et al:  The local python Meetup group is having a post-pycon meeting in a couple of weeks, at which they want to screen some of the videos.  The organizer mentioned on the mailing list that he's unable to locate some of them, and indeed, I see several red cells in veyepar (I seem not to have a valid login there anymore, which is probably OK for what I need to do).01:27
davetooI found that one of the public links goes to an intact-looking video, another goes to a "private" video, of what I've seen so far.01:28
davetooI'd like to see if I can help get these resolved or update the meetup organizer on the status of those that can't be.  The meetup is May 18th.01:29
davetooAlso, I was never able to figure out the veyepar navigation well enough to find the PyData videos01:30
davetoon/mind pydata. Found those.01:39
CarlFKdavetoo: still sorting out who didn01:59
CarlFKdavetoo: still sorting out who didn't release their video01:59
davetooWhat state would that normally show as?02:00
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CarlFKanything other than "done"02:19
CarlFK   those are the ones that are clear02:20
tpbTitle: - PyCon US 2013 (at
CarlFKanything else is in limbo02:21
davetooI'll just tell him that they're all pending presenter-approval (or other) and not to hold his breath.02:26
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skayCarlFK: will did a very helpful blog post with a list of pending videos in part of it, maybe it would help for you to make a blog post like that15:43
skaymithro: are you the pyconav twitter account? if there was a blog post like that, you could tweet it15:43
skaythen maybe someone who has a lot of followers could also retweet it15:44
CarlFKskay did you see the new coffee?15:45
skayyes I did you are so awesome15:45
* h01ger waves16:29
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