Friday, 2013-04-19

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mithroanyone alive here?03:20
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CarlFKmithro: any chance you have a dump of the pycon steems ?03:54
CarlFKI am missing the .dv from 3 talks03:54
CarlFKI have a feeling someone hit "Record" and didn't notice the bit "Stop" on the screen03:55
mithroCarlFK, do you have time to mentor people in GSoC?03:55
mithroYour the most experienced when it comes to actually doing video recording for conferences03:56
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CarlFKhmm..   I wold like to say yes.. any idea what sort of time commitment?03:57
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mithroit's probably about 2-10 hours a week depending on the student03:58
CarlFKim a bit overwhelmed righ tnow03:58
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skaymithro: I was wondering if I could learn enough about streaming in time to see if I could set it up for scipy14:31
mithro-skay, there isn't a huge amount to learn14:31
mithro-skay, I'd be happy to help you do so if your happy to help write the documents :)14:31
skayI need practice writing docs, not kidding, because I want more practice to get my prose in better shape14:32
skayI've been meeting to set up blog software for myself to give myself a chore to write at least once a week14:33
mithro-skay, when is SciPy?14:35
mithro-that is ages away14:36
skayarg, June 24-29. close to july but no cigar14:36
skayyeah! so if I practice a little I could maybe learn enough not to break things14:36
skayI mean, to troubleshoot when things go kaplooie14:37
skayI'm sending htem an email to see if they have streaming set up. I'm going to guess no.14:37
skayI am hoping to go to see talks in the reproducibility track14:40
mithro-skay, its not very complicated14:50
mithro-it just seems more complicated when things are under time preassure14:50
mithro-skay, do you want to set up some time on the weekend to walk you though the basics?14:55
skaymithro-: ok. I'll read your docs and then prepare whatever questions I'll have14:58
mithro-my docs are crap :P14:58
skaywhat's the minimal setup they should have so that I know if they have enough setup for there even to be a point?14:59
mithro-skay, they need someone like carl doing the video using something like dvswitch15:01
mithro-plus about 1-2mbit per stream15:01
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