Wednesday, 2013-04-10

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mithromorning peeps00:18
mithroh01ger, btw would you be interested in mentoring any of the GSoC projects?00:21
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iiieCarlFK: Documentation is King youtube says dup00:36
iiieCarlFK: Single Page Docs: Stop the Click Insanity probably start later, ~40 seconds should be cut off the front (time includes title slide)00:44
iiieCarlFK: Why Projects Should Have “What’s New” Documents ; last minute of audio is "silent" (it's just quite noise)00:47
CarlFKiiie: recheck doc is king00:47
iiieCheck, and set to make public00:49
mithrohey iiie00:54
mithroiiie, would you be interested in being a GSoC mentor for TimVideos? Basically you just have to guide students in various projects00:54
iiieWhat does it take to guide them?  Yes I'm interested.00:55
mithronormally between 5-10 hours a week of checking their progress and discussing why they haven't yet met their goals00:56
* iiie still hasn't built all the pieces from scratch00:56
iiiesure, I can do that00:56
mithroyou don't need to understand the whole thing00:56
mithrojust the part you are mentoring00:56
mithroand infact you don't even need to wholely understand that00:56
mithroyou just need to know where to ask for help00:56
iiieAh good, I can definitely do that.  Yes interested.00:57
mithroCan you sign up at00:58
tpb<> (at
iiieCarlFK: Versioned Literate Programming for Tutorials ; cut the first 20 seconds01:01
iiiemithro: looking now01:01
CarlFKiiie:  Versioned - got it.01:05
iiiemithro: hm, so full name and address?01:05
mithroyes please01:06
mithroyou get a t-shirt at the end01:06
* iiie sighs01:06
iiiewhat's the international calling code for the US?01:08
iiie41? 11?  I don't recall01:08
iiieHey, so these terms of service, seem to say I'm the Mentoring Organization and have authority to bind the same.01:13
iiieAm I in the wrong place?
tpb<> (at
mithroThat should be the right place I think01:19
tpb<> (at
iiieshows "This page is inaccessible because you do not have a profile in the program at this time." now01:25
iiiewhich is to say I'm signed up01:25
mithrowhat was your "linked name" ?01:25
iiieusername?  iiie01:27
iiieor what's linked name?01:27
iiieGoogle account name is Roman or Roman M01:27
mithroiiie, you should have a invite now....01:28
iiieprocess! bah!01:29
mithromelange is actually open source, so you could fix it :)01:35
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mithro--iiie, ping?02:49
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mithrowhois sylphiae ?03:50
mithroahh, Jenny?03:53
sylphiaewho are you?04:06
mithroTim Ansell04:13
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tpbTitle: Tim Videos - Getting Started! (at
mithrocloser to a real website now...06:33
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davetoo'morning daven08:12
mithroso you guys rambled on the IRC channel for a while about the audio while I wasn't paying any attention08:14
mithrodid you dump that somewhere?08:14
davetooand the log bot wasn't working08:16
davetooI might have it; standbyh08:16
mithroI dunno08:16
mithrothe logbot might have been working08:16
davetooI did not post/save it.  I don't have it in the logs on this workstation.  Might be on my other system.08:17
mithroif tpb was here, it'll have been logged08:17
davetoodaven created the content :)  I just asked him questions.08:18
davetooI was wondering what would be a good place for a doc with those contents.08:19
davetooDid the pycon a/v crew in fact get a bag full of RaspberryPi units, as I thought I heard Carl say?  Or was he talking about some other context?08:20
davetoomithro how goes the fpga hacking?08:22
mithroI've been doing website/documentation stuff08:22
davetooAre you doing this with an eye toward a commercial product?08:22
mithrothe idea is that someone would be able to produce it commercially08:23
mithroIE my target of $100-$150 USD consumer means the *total* part cost has to be under $50 USD08:23
davetooI'd kind of like to try an NDV-style process at an upcoming 1-room (I think) conference here.  (OpenStreetmap State Of The Map US).  I don't know that they have budget to hire NDV :)08:24
davetoobut.. I did sound and video for them about three years ago, and wasn't so pleased with the results.08:24
davetooThat's two months from now.08:25
davetooThe url in the channel topic seems to be down still/again.  That's what made me wonder if we had logs08:31
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tpbTitle: Tim Videos - Getting Started! (at
tpbTitle: Tim Videos - Getting Started! (at
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h01germithro, time is the issue here.. i have too much on my plate(s) already :(16:30
h01gerelse yes16:30
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tpb<> (at
davetoopycon in 78 seconds21:02
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