Friday, 2013-04-05

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daven hey CarlFK18:05
davenyou done with the machine here18:05
CarlFKI think so :)18:05
CarlFKcan you dump the .dv files somewhere for a few weeks?18:05
CarlFKoddly enough I did discover that there was another talk that got 'lost' becuase it's title was so long it threw a db error18:06
CarlFKonce I got it in the db, then it turned out the .dv files were on your box18:07
CarlFKso last night I QAed it, encoded, posted.  yay.18:07
CarlFKoh yeah, I need to post it to archive.org18:08
CarlFKthe title I was given: Escape from the Curse of the Cluster and the Headache of Hadoop:  Highly reliable, high performance processing of 'Big Data' on a Single  Box with Python.18:10
_davetoo1I did not learn how to use Veyepar sufficiently, I think; I have been unable to find the public link for the HDF5 talk.  Nor can I find it by searching youtube or pyvideo or the NDV twitter posts.18:19
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