Thursday, 2013-04-04

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CarlFKiiie: did anyone actually hook up a laptop to the projector ?00:18
iiieNot while I was there.  The space is used this way a lot though.  And all the staff know how to use the projector.00:19
iiieThey were very confident and reported it being used recently.00:20
iiiethey being the manager / liaison who was present00:20
CarlFKyeah, but maybe for playing blue ray or nintindo or plug a ppt file into the box up in the control room00:20
CarlFKlets hope "this way" really is the way we want00:20
iiieno, with laptop on the cord;  but yes I hope so too00:21
iiieSupposedly they play movies from laptops on the cord sometimes.  I don't know what to make of that.00:22
davetooHow big is this show?00:27
CarlFKpretty sure "how small" is the right question :)00:28
iiieone room, two days, 9-6 iirc00:28
davetooiiie: y'all pronounce Lompoc incorrectly up there :)00:29
iiiewrite the docs, they conference site with the schedule (which is more complete than the first time I saw it)00:29
iiie? I don't understand pronounce what?00:30
davetooThe Lompoc brewery00:31
davetooYou're in Portland, aren't you?00:31
iiieIt might be lost in the mix.00:31
iiieYes portland, we have a few breweries00:32
iiieand vineyards00:32
iiieI suspect we over indulge in general, why else would we need the variety?00:32
davetooI spent a bunch of time in Bailey's Taproom when I was working for Jive, and discovered that there is a brewery up there named Lompoc00:32
CarlFKspeaking of schedule.. make this happen:
tpb<> (at
CarlFKthat is so lame.00:33
davetooI grew up in Lompoc :)00:33
davetooCarlFK: have you processed the HDF5 pydata video yet?00:34
iiieCarlFK: what am I looking at? why are there three rooms?00:34
davetoo(erm, sorry...)00:34
CarlFKiiie: thats pyvideo00:34
CarlFKor data?00:34
CarlFKdavetoo: find it, click on it, tell me what state it is in :)00:35
davetooDo I need to be logged in?00:36
davetoothe download links go to something in the .local domain but I see nothign in the video window00:36
CarlFKiiie: that is pydata's schedule.   bla bla docs should have something similar00:36
CarlFKdavetoo: find it, click on it, *tell me what state it is in *00:37
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tpb<> (at
mithro-morning people00:37
CarlFKthen it is posted00:38
iiie but it's blank00:38
tpb<> (at
CarlFKfollow the public link to it00:38
CarlFKiiie: yeah, I haven't run the import thing on my production data yet00:39
CarlFKI try to get it to look right on a local dev server00:39
iiie:) I totally approve of that00:40
CarlFKiz hoping you could get it to look good on your local dev server, then Ill look at it on mine and be a day ahead of schedule00:41
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CarlFKbrb - need to cliean the kitchen00:41
iiieah, well some of the build stuff blows up on me, but I'll see what I can do00:42
iiieI'm off to get a so that I have it for tomorrow to pick folks up :)00:42
iiie*a van00:42
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tpb<> (at
davenbut to answer your question from the other day, the shortest explanation for running an audio mixer is as follows21:13
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davenprerequesites: cables are set up, sound reinforcement system has been tuned to match the room, microphones are mounted on presenters / people asking questions21:15
iiieskay: Carl and Rachel arrived safely21:15
davenstep 1: set input gain - you set this such that normal speech results in the signal level post-preamp, pre EQ is hitting the "optimum" level - usually marked "0" on the VU meters, usually corresponds to about -24dBFS on digital systems. Use the "low cut" buttons unless you're actually working with material that needs low end21:19
daven(do this by switching off the EQ, or "zeroing" it, then hitting the "Solo" or "PFL" button, so it is routed to the monitoring outputs)21:21
davenstep 2: listen critically to the source, is the "proximity effect" of microphones (e.g. picking up more bass energy due to being closer to the source of the sound) colouring the sound you want? Is the sound too sibilant? Does the sound sound muffled?21:23
davenGently adjust the EQ such that the sound sounds natural, and is clear and intelligible. Less is more.21:26
daven(you may need to add some makeup gain here, depending on how much you've cut. Remember to keep gain structure in order, and remember that on digital systems you will want to use post-EQ makeup gain, rather than readjusting your input level)21:28
davenstep 3: repeat steps 1 and 2 for all inputs.21:28
davenstep 4: if you've done this right, you should have a natural sounding mix with good "balance" between all sources with all faders at unity.21:29
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davenstep 5: runinng the mix: Your input volume levels will change depending on a whole range of factors - nervous presenters will talk quieter, excited or angry presenters may yell, and people may stand at different distances from the microphones - you need to adapt to this. As a rule of thumb, try and correct small level changes with faders - if this fails, or if theres a massive change, you will need to modify your input gain and maybe your EQ a21:34
davenalso: use the faders to remove sources that aren't in use from your mix21:36
davenso this is really a quick and dirty guide, and I've skipped all sorts of stuff like actually setting up and "ringing out" the room, compression, submixes, sends, monitoring and all of that21:38
* davetoo is looking at the URL in the /topic to see what I missed21:42
davetoo..and it's not responding21:42
davenmithro--: either way, the biggest part of the battle is getting the gain structure right - it's an easy trap to fall into to get this wrong21:45
daventhere's also a difference between peak programme metering (PPM) and voltage units (VU) - the latter being the type found in most mixers21:47
daventhe problem being that it's easier to accidentally overload digital systems when relying on VU meters only - as you can get peaks through without the meter responding much21:48
davetooSymptoms of getting that wrong would be interesting to document.  e.g. PFL sound level being very loud compared to normal monitoring in headphones.21:48
davenwell that's your monitoring level being set too high21:51
davenand that's really a matter of taste and preference21:52
davenyou don't want to be roasting your ears, but at the same time, you may need to listen for noise in a signal, over the top of something else happening21:52
davetooI noticed that you had your headphone level about the same as the level with them off the ears21:53
davetooi.e. quite low21:53
davenengineers who fry their ears find themselves with short careers21:54
davetoomost of the time, anyway.21:54
davenI'll occasionally turn it up if I suspect there's a ground loop or something in the background21:54
davencan be dangerous going too high though - if there's a bit of gear with an intermittent contact causing the gear to switch on and off, you'll often get very loud pops through the channel21:56
daventhat can be very unpleasant when sent through a set of headphones turned up high21:57
davenmithro--: this is quite a nice little intro22:33
tpb<> (at
davenpage 48 onwards22:33
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