Wednesday, 2013-04-03

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mithro-so what are people up too?03:25
CarlFKdebugging vimeo upload code03:26
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CarlFK  File "", line 75, in upload03:27
CarlFK    client.vimeo_videos_setTitle(self.meta['title'], vid)03:27
CarlFKTypeError: _do_vimeo_call() takes exactly 0 arguments (2 given)03:27
CarlFKwhat is  _do_vimeo_call()?03:28
CarlFK  def __getattr__(self, name):03:29
CarlFKif any(name.startswith(prefix) for prefix in KNOWN_API_GROUPS):03:33
CarlFK               return getattr(self, "vimeo_" + name)03:33
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mithro-CarlFK, wtf?04:12
CarlFKI think this is how you make java work04:14
CarlFKyou will find this code in vimeo/__init__-v1.py04:15
CarlFK-v1 is because.. um..   I have no idea.04:16
CarlFKI think someone saw Chris's talk and missed the "don't do this."04:16
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davetooThe TDD Django guy keeps shaking his lav mic off :)04:50
davetooNo keyframes? Is that why youtube isn't showing me a preview in the timeline?04:51
mithro-hey davetoo04:52
mithro-daven, == Dave Noel?04:53
davetooright, and davetoo = Dave carmean04:53
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_davetoowhichever :)04:53
_davetoomithro-: = Tim?04:53
_davetooTim the Tim-Tam Man :)04:55
_davetoohow goes?04:55
_davetoo(I'm just getting around to watching videos of the sessions I would have wanted to attend, noticing interesting technical things)04:57
mithro-daven / _davetoo: could you write up a document on how to properly setup a sound mixing board and how you would control the levels on it?04:58
mithro-basically a "This is what I do when sitting at a mixing board, and this is why it's a good thing to do"04:58
_davetooI could probably come up with something, yeah.05:00
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mithro-Dave was talking about setting everything to some level which gives be best signal or something05:01
_davetooright; 0db on the master meter = -18db on dvswitch05:01
_davetoothat's a common rule of thumb for digital recording05:01
_davetooWhen the ART boxes were in use, we used the knobs on the ART box to set that;05:02
_davetooI did not see what he did after the ART boxes started failing.05:02
_davetooWe also had a strange situation where we used the one board for recording and PA; that's not common on such a small board, so we had to get creative05:03
_davetooWhat I'd write is for the way he reconfigured them after he arrived05:03
_davetooIf you saw the big board in the big room, you'd see that most of the time all of the sliders (faders) were very close to '0' or Unity Gain.   You're trying to get all of the signals to line up around one standard output level.05:04
_davetooMake it as close to "wires with tone controls" as possible.05:05
_davetooWhen is the next gig/show?05:06
CarlFKMonday :)05:11
mithro-I was more interested in knowning from a "how could we automated this away"05:12
_davetoooh, I see, not a training document?05:12
mithro-first we figure out what a human does05:14
mithro-then we figure out how to make a computer do it :)05:14
_davetooThat requires things like auto-leveling amps and such :)05:14
_davetooWhich are.. pretty common in the broadcast realm05:15
_davetooMight be code out there05:15
_davetooWe overdid it a bit on the audio compression, which is why you can hear the echo so well in some of the big room talks05:16
_davetooCarlFK:  what/where is the show on Monday?05:16
mithro-_davetoo, let me worry about doing the computer side - Plenty of options - I just don't know enough about how a human does things05:17
mithro-what would people add to05:17
tpb<> (at
_davetooNot going to bother with composite? (sony bullet cams must be getting cheap)05:19
_davetoo(probably not worth the trouble)05:20
mithro-_davetoo, nope! it's dead - barely doing VGA05:20
_davetooWho is iiie? Roman?05:23
iiieyes :)05:23
mithro-what's a synonym for "Environment" or "Programming Language" which is really short....05:30
_davetooWhat's the context?05:31
_davetoo(in some cases, the word 'context' itself might work?)05:31
tpb<> (at
_davetooSolution Domain but that's not short05:33
mithro-If someone wants to make all the boxes on line and similar sizes that would be great :)05:35
tpb<> (at
mithro-Medium I guess could work?05:36
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mithro-everyone gone to sleep I assume08:59
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mithro-anyone alive?12:50
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_davetoowhat/where is the show on Monday?17:34
tpbTitle: Write The Docs - A two day conference for technical writers, documentarians, and all those who write the docs. (at
skaytpb: do I know you IRL? I can't remember seeing your nick here before17:45
skayanyway, if you are one of the writethedocs organizers you are cool! what a cool conference idea17:46
_davetooI think that tpb is a 'bot17:47
skayhahaha, funny17:47
skayis anyone from wtd here?17:47
skayI will give them a tip of the hat17:47
tpbTitle: PyCon US 2013 | Santa Clara, CA | March 13th March 21st (at
skayooo spiffy17:47
_davetootpb is from everywhere17:47
tpbTitle: Google (at
skay how does it handle this? cool17:48
tpbTitle: Google (at
skayokay, I will stop playing with the bot. I just get curious17:49
tpb<> (at
_davetoothe WTD venue is not far from the HQ of a former employer....  and from Bailey's Tap Room :)17:50
skayoh finally I see where the irc whois thingee sent its output. I could have avoided the whole bot confusing if I saw that first17:58
_davetoowho is skay? :)  Were you in Santa Clara?17:59
skayYes! I am Sheila17:59
skayyou met me!17:59
skaywe had dinner and lunch and stuff17:59
_davetoooh, hi :)17:59
skayI was a stealth av room person18:00
skayoh look, CarlFK someone you would love, right?
tpbTitle: Twitter / jasonpriem: My presentation is at 4pm today. ... (at
skayI forgot about the bot. arg.18:00
skaydidn't mean for it to do that18:01
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CarlFKiiie: did you do any more on that json thing?20:39
CarlFK  File "/home/pydata/.virtualenvs/veyepar/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/requests/packages/urllib3/", line 98, in encode_multipart_formdata20:40
CarlFK    return body.getvalue(), content_type20:40
iiieCarlFK: I haven't done anything more on the json import.  Was there more that you wanted me to work on there?21:03
CarlFKdu no.  haven't had time to see the results21:04
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CarlFKcan you get me a list of what I need to bring?21:08
CarlFKyour email was mostly clear, but the inline and comments and stuff muddeled it21:08
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iiiewill do21:27
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* _davetoo needs a job :/21:50
_davetooDidn't get to do any of the networking that I'd hoped to do.21:51
_davetooIf you're short on people for PDX next week, I'm still out of work :)  Kind of short notice for travel and rooms, though.21:52
_davetoos/kind of/quite/21:52
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davenhey CarlFK22:00
davenwe looked on the disk of the laptop we have here22:00
davenit's GrandBallroom_GH22:00
davenbut we can't find the file 09_03_02.dv or 09:03:02.dv22:01
_davetoo(that's directed at Carl, yes?)22:01
skaywhere did he go?22:09
skayI will tell him when I get back22:09
_davetoointo the Ether22:09
_davetooanway, as I was saying.. went on a ride with a friend, and a friend of his, and "friend of his" had an airbag vest22:10
_davetooooh, sorry, wrong channel :)22:10
_davetooThat was for #motorcycles :)22:10
skayI figured it was for a conversation about bikes22:10
_davetooyeah, good thing that was the only thing I mis-posted.  The rest was way off-color :)22:11
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iiieCarlFK: list of gear reformatted & sent22:30
CarlFKsshed into one of the laptops22:30
CarlFKcuz missing files22:30
CarlFKthey are in .no :)22:31
davenmithro: can look at mixing board22:40
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skayCarlFK: while you were not in the channel daven showed up and said they have GrandBallroom_GH and they didn't find 09_03_02.dv or 09:03:02.dv23:26
skayI should have eaten lunch today. I only had a big smoothly23:26
skayI'm hungry now23:27
CarlFKgot files!23:30
CarlFKsshed to .no :)23:30
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