Monday, 2019-09-16

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shorneok, spotted another bug, it seems to work now00:15
shorneoh no, after rebuilding all its failing :(00:19
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shorneok fixed now00:46
tpbTitle: or1k: add tls mask to handle multiple model access · stffrdhrn/[email protected] · GitHub (at
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ysionneaushorne: interesting approach (tls masks)08:12
ysionneauare other archs also doing this?08:12
shorneysionneau: yes thats what arm does, but they do TLS model relaxing09:29
shornenot sure how it works, but if a var is accessed with both GD and IE, they can relax the GD access to an IE09:29
shornebut I would think that requires code rewriting09:29
shorneI didnt want to do that09:29
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shorneAnyway, its working better12:56
shornenow it seems there are some issues with dynamic relocations, i.e. actually using the .rela.dyn entries for TLS_DTPMOD, TLS_DTPOFF12:57
shorneThis might be more what you are looking at12:57
ysionneauwe dont do relaxing at all so far13:05
ysionneauI guess that's why we didnt have issues of accessing same symbol through different tls models13:09
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