Sunday, 2019-09-08

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ysionneaushorne: thanks for your detailed answer!19:50
* ysionneau is just back from holidays in scotland19:51
ysionneaudon't hesitate to send a patch to uclibc-ng if you feel you have a working and clean fix19:51
ysionneauah it seems you already sent such a patch, great :)19:56
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ysionneauto try to understand why it does not boot, maybe try to enable "run-time assertion testing", "shared library loader with debugging support", "shared library loader with early debugging support" in the menuconfig of libc in the "Development/debugging options" menu20:19
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ysionneaualso one good thing, when it's because of relocation handling/shared library issue is to run a binary with LD_DEBUG=all , but if even init does not run ... I don't think one can run init with some specially crafted environment variable20:30
ysionneauor maybe by modifying the kernel to do so :o20:31
ysionneaubut maybe you already know about all of that20:32
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shorneysionneau: there is also a doc here:
shornepart of the gas documentation, I wrote it21:50
shorneI need to spend some time on uclibc-ng boot testing.  What did you use as your target? just qemu?21:52
ysionneauso far yes, but not with a modern toolchain22:06
ysionneauI've setup CI for uclibc-ng (but it's down at the moment)22:06
ysionneauand in my CI I was building uclibc-ng with cross toolchain + linux via buildroot22:06
ysionneauand running uclibc-ng testsuite on qemu22:07
ysionneaufor several archs, including or1k22:07
ysionneaua glims of what I use for openrisc:
tpbTitle: uclibc-ng-ci/conf/or1k at master · fallen/uclibc-ng-ci · GitHub (at
ysionneauthis repo is cloned and used by jenkins, but the VM is down and I cannot show you today the script run by jenkins22:09
ysionneauthat is btw, using the gcc/binutils version that are enabled upstream for or1k, so not the latest ones22:09
ysionneau(upstream buildroot I mean)22:09
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