Saturday, 2019-07-27

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ZipCPUwtfuzz: I've found other bugs in that uart16550 controller that still haven't been fixed.  Even bugs that could cause it to send random data, although I'm glad to hear that you found the bug you were struggling with11:37
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wtfuzzProgram received signal SIGINT, Interrupt.18:44
wtfuzz0x0000e660 in _or1k_exception_handler ()18:44
wtfuzz(gdb) bt18:44
wtfuzz../../binutils/gdb/or1k-tdep.c:482: internal-error: CORE_ADDR or1k_skip_prologue(gdbarch*, CORE_ADDR): Assertion `or1k_analyse_l_addi (inst, &rd, &ra, &simm) && (OR1K_FP_REGNUM == rd) && (OR1K_SP_REGNUM == ra) && (simm == frame_size)' failed.18:44
wtfuzzA problem internal to GDB has been detected,18:44
wtfuzzfurther debugging may prove unreliable.18:44
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