Friday, 2019-05-24

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shorneZipCPU: :)21:32
ZipCPUshorne: What's going on these days?21:32
shorneZipCPU: still working on GCC for openrisc21:44
ZipCPUI've seen you make great strides at it21:44
ZipCPUI've been impressed21:44
ZipCPUThat's taken a lot of work21:44
shorneAdding FPU support and working on some new OpenRISC spec updates21:44
ZipCPUThe 1.3 spec has lied dormant for quite some time21:44
shornealso, trying to get all of the verilog cores better tested21:44
ZipCPUI didn't think it was going to see the light of day21:45
ZipCPUPlay with the formal methods at all are you ?  ;)21:45
shorneNot really playing with them yet, I have been reading some of your stuff, and just verilog `ifdef FORMAL sections of code21:46
shornebut haven't sat down and run anything on my own21:46
ZipCPUIf you choose to give them a try, feel free to holler at me if/when you get stuck21:47
shorneI did synthesize some things with yosys21:47
ZipCPUI think you'll be surprised at what you find21:47
ZipCPUHeheh ... yeah, it's one thing to touch your toes to the water, its another to wade in towards the deep end ;)21:47
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