Friday, 2019-03-22

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lpmrlpmris everyone sleeping?06:56
lpmrlpmrI was searching for the patch xw74Aa. Original link is, but it is broken. Can anyone help me?07:00
futarisIRCcloudlpmrlpmr: de0_nano? I'd suggest you switch to ...07:07
tpbTitle: litex/ at master · enjoy-digital/litex · GitHub (at
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lpmrlpmrOh thank you. Let me try it07:09
futarisIRCcloudlpmrlpmr: mithro and _florent_ have written a bunch of tutorials for litex, but I'm not sure that there is anything de0nano specific.07:22
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lpmrlpmrExcuse my ignorance, I am a noob with embedded systems. Trying to understand basics:)07:36
lpmrlpmrSo Litex basically replaces FuseSoC right?07:36
lpmrlpmrand more of course...07:37
lpmrlpmrI am not de0nano dependent by the way. I was just carrying on with the tutorial
tpbTitle: OpenRISC SoC Practical Session Instructions · embecosm/chiphack Wiki · GitHub (at
_florent_lpmrlpmr: LiteX does not replace FuseSoC, both are complementary: LiteX allow you to create SoC from Python (mostly with provided cores), FuseSoC provides the infrastructure to ease cores reuse, integration, regression tests, etc... It's not already the case, but in the future, both could benefits from each others.08:28
_florent_lpmrlpmr: for example FuseSoC could ease reuse of cores generated with LiteX in others design and provide an infrastructure to easily reuse existing cores in LiteX. This would also benefits FuseSoC since new cores would be available08:30
_florent_lpmrlpmr: if you are new to FPGA, i would probably recommend following the OpenRISC-SoC tutorial to understand the basics and see how things are done in verilog08:34
lpmrlpmrThank you so much for the explanation. Actually I was following OpenRISC-SoC tutorial and finished the simulation part. I wanted to do the "Building and running on DE0 Nano" part at the end but I couldn't download the patch in the source preparation section.08:42
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