Saturday, 2019-01-12

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shorneI am working on fixing up the or1k-tests cases21:16
shorneI first got them running with cappuccino pipeline, all are pretty much passing21:16
shorneNow I am looking at espresso21:16
shorneI figured I would document the status here21:16
shornePlease feel free to comment / help21:17
tpbTitle: Espresso Tests Failing · Issue #71 · openrisc/mor1kx · GitHub (at
shorneFirst test failing is,
tpbTitle: or1k-tests/or1k-alignillegalinsn.S at master · openrisc/or1k-tests · GitHub (at
shornetracing the VCD... I see 1. exection get to the first, which causes alignment21:19
shorne2. alignment handler runs, and calls l.rfe21:19
shorne3. runs again with an address that shouldnt cause alignment exception, but everything stops there21:20
shornePC jumps to 0x021:20
shorneIssue, seems now is setting NPC, when advancing pc_fetch_i is 0x021:29
shorneI think I fixed it21:46
shorne@@ -469,7 +469,7 @@ module mor1kx_ctrl_espresso21:47
shorne      if (rst)21:47
shorne        take_exception <= 0;21:47
shorne      else21:47
shorne-       take_exception <= (exception_pending | exception_r | doing_rfe_r) &21:47
shorne+       take_exception <= (exception_pending | exception_r) &21:47
shorne                          (fetch_advance |21:47
shorne                           // Cause exception to always be 'taken' if stepping21:47
shorneDon't take the exception PC during RFE, we take the next PC21:47
shorneTest gets further now dieing on first l.j21:48

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