Wednesday, 2019-05-01

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elijaxappsZipCPU: I've just read you worked for the USAF. Yo should check this :)
tpbTitle: USAF Medal of Honor - Image on Pasteboard (at
ZipCPUMeh, it's just a picture.  An official citation might be more interesting23:22
ZipCPUThose were always fun to read23:27
elijaxappsWell, It took me 20 years playing the game to achieve. That charfile isn't my best (I became Col. once, if I recall correctly, it is only below Brigadier in the game, with almost every badge except that one).23:28
elijaxappsI always wondered if real HUD systems have things such as Informatic Landing System (ILS in game). As a child I never used it, just landed 'on spot' to the land or frigate xD23:31
elijaxappsyay compiled my first verilog program.23:58

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