Saturday, 2019-04-27

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elijaxappsZipCPU: do you recommend any particular distro or distro version to follow your tutorial?21:08
ZipCPUelijaxapps: I did all of my testing on Ubuntu 16.0421:09
ZipCPUI also use Ubuntu 18.something, although I'm not sure I did any testing on it21:09
elijaxappsI 'd prefer to stick to oldstable21:10
elijaxapps16.04 is ok21:10
ZipCPUI also use Yosys + SymbiYosys from the daily builds21:10
ZipCPUMy Verilator is old, but I've tried to be compatible with both old and new21:11
elijaxappsI've read about that on preface about that. Not sure what they are (alternative simulators to Verilator?) but I will follow your tutorial step by step21:13
elijaxappsI will run it on a VM, can it be 32-bit? Yours was?21:14
ZipCPUI didn't use a VM21:19
ZipCPUMy O/S is 64-bit21:19
ZipCPUAre you coming from Windows?21:19
ZipCPUI have instructions for running some of my favorite apps under Windows using Cygwin21:20
ZipCPUNot sure if Yosys/SymbiYosys runs under Cygwin, but I've been assured it runs under WSL21:20
elijaxappsId prefer to stick to VM; I can afford 8GB+ of RAM for it, and 2 cores.21:26
elijaxappsThis os is still mandatory to me because of my jobs and studies.21:27

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