Saturday, 2022-05-28

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swetlandso it's doing that because your linker script defines the magic symbol __global_pointer$02:05
swetlandwhich causes the linker to generate references to objects in the .sdata/.sbss/etc sections relative to gp02:06
swetlandhm actually it may just be that the gp is close to that mmio address so that may be a bit of a red herring02:07
swetlandit looks like all the code is due to you using uint32_t* to access an unaligned address02:08
swetlandthe compiler is generating individual byte loads and stores for each byte in the word02:08
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Hammdistyeah that was it .. I asked on #gcc earlier and got unblocked with regards to that03:32
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jevinskie[m]_florent_: not sure if you saw this RFC but I thought you might be interested or have some input if you’re still examining amaranth
jevinskie[m]And this sub RFC
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_florent_jevinskie[m]: thanks, Record could indeed be improved/simplified, the RFC seems more natural than Migen's Record and closer to what I would also probably do. I'm still experimenting with an alternative HDL and will evaluate it by writing new core with it (but have limited time since lots of things to do on LiteX and not really related to the HDL).20:14
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