Saturday, 2022-02-26

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NotHetIs there an existing tool to wrap a executable in header/footer so that boot.c:check_image_in_flash is happy? Is it as simple as a 32bit length and a 32bit crc at the end? I'm currently booting serial, would like to use the qspi my colorlight i5 is configuring from. 03:41
NotHetOh, I think I found it! Right when I gave up and asked for help. "python3  -f -l -o out.bin.fbi in.bin " !03:55
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jevinskie[m]<amstan> "I find it super weird that the..." <- Dang, max10 has some internal temperature ADCs even19:57
CarlFKhello folks - I'm building a CI/ Arty as a service cluster of PI's and Arty boards.  I need some solid unit test like things that don't rely on my skills as that will be 2 problems and I want 0 problems 23:46
CarlFKso can someone give me a file that I can load on an Arty that will flash the LEDs? 23:46
CarlFKlike the demo, but without having to press buttons as the Arty is not local 23:47
CarlFKbut there is a camera pointed at it, so success will be seeing the LEDs flash 23:47

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