Monday, 2022-01-24

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tpbTitle: LKML: Ulf Hansson: Re: [PATCH v14 0/3] mmc: Add LiteSDCard mmc driver (at
somlomight be another while until it shows up in the official tree, but at this point it's just a matter of waiting :)15:12
_florent_somlo: Great work! Thanks15:46
_florent_(somlo: Still need to test LiteSATA on NexysVideo, will do before leaving the office...)15:47
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somlo_florent_: do you happen to know, should there be a direct contact between the dp0_[c2m|m2c]_[p|n] fpga pins connected to the LPC/FMC connector and the sata [a|b][+|-] (tx/rx pairs)? Or is there usually a capacitor connected inline?17:09
somloI've been thinking of taking an ohm-meter to see if my extension card connects the right fmc pins to the right sata pins, but that may not be conclusive if it's not supposed to be a direct electric contact :)17:09
somloand I noticed some sort of inline components soldered on the adapter card close to the SATA pin leads :)17:10
somloI'm very much a beginner when it comes to proper electrical engineering :)17:10
somlospecifically, row-C 1,2 and 6,7 ( vs. the sata pinout scheme (
somlo... and I've convinced myself that the fpga-to-fmc pins are correct here:
somloso it's a matter of whether I have a broken fmc-2-sata adapter, because the wiring clues all seem to check out and be correct17:15
somlo_florent_: there *does* appear to be a 100nF capacitor inline between the FMC connector and whatever's on the other side (sata pins) in the schematic on page2 of
somloso my ohm-meter plan to check for connectivity is likely not going to work :D17:26
tcalIn a build of mine that /uses/ LiteX, I'm hitting a typo in the file for picolibc/data:  `pythondata_software_picolibc/data/ ERROR: configuration_data.set got unknown keyword arguments "descrption"`   (this typo actually occurs twice).   But for some reason I don't get an error when doing a pure LiteX build, even though the typo is there as well.      SOLUTION: I was using the lastest `meson` from its 17:52
tcalrepo (the pure LiteX build was using meson via pip3).   When I backed off to the 0.61.1 tag, it worked again.     I've opened an issue for picolibc.17:52
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Johnselhello everyone19:43
somlo_florent_: hmm, the antmicro fmc adapter schematics show 10nF capacitors (as opposed to the 100nF ones used on the HTG adapter) -- wonder what that means for the target operating SATA frequency being supported...19:43
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JohnselError (170012): Fitter requires 988 LABs to implement the design, but the device contains only 963 LABs20:58
JohnselI am trying to run linux-on-litex on an Arduino MKR Vidor 400020:59
Johnselwhich is an altera cyclone 10 LP device20:59
Johnselany ideas where/how to optimize?21:00
Johnselplatform/target are already minimal (1 clock, sdram and serial only)21:01
Johnselhalving L2 seemed to have done the trick21:11
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