Sunday, 2021-12-12

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yootisHas anyone here had luck using litescope over PCIe?00:04
mithroyootis: I assume that _florent_ has00:07
yootisI assume so as well, but I also assume he's asleep :)00:08
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cr1901Heads up: If your amaranth directory- the one that litex uses- is a symlink to a copy of the amaranth repo, you may have trouble removing the old nmigen packages using pip 1/301:11
cr1901If you do "pip uninstall nmigen" or similar, and get ".egg-links were moved" and/or "no files left to uninstall"01:12
cr1901You need to remove the nmigen*.egg-links manually from /lib/python/site-packages/ and amaranth's source root01:13
cr1901ditto for amaranth-soc,stdio,boards01:13
cr1901Your nmigen imports should still work fine w/o a stale copy of the nmigen packages lying around01:13
cr1901 /end01:13
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_florent_yootis: Just read your mail, the issue seems related to mmap, can you try to specify the length of BAR0 here instread of 0:08:08
_florent_Can you also provide the Linux distro you are using?08:09
yootisfedora 3408:11
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cr1901I've never tried... does the PCIe Xilinx stuff in principle work on Windows?16:29
tntXilinx provides a win driver for their pcie dma stuff. AFAIK.16:59
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yootisHow do I figure out the size of the BAR?20:22
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SpaceCoasterSnickerdoodle resurrected and bitstream built!
SpaceCoasterI commented out  i_USB0_VBUS_PWRFAULT = 0 in zynq7000/ to get it to build. I am using a minimal zynq processing system block design, maybe too minimal.21:19
SpaceCoasterSnickerdoodle has no serial, switches, leds so a blank slate but the bitstream builds.21:20
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tntyootis: lspci -v21:51
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SpaceCoasterIt blinks!22:08
yootis_florent_ that doesn't help, the BAR size is 1M and setting it to 1M gives the same error.  It is asking for 4026531848 bytes, which seems wrong.22:27
tntyootis: does pcie comms work otherwise ? litepcie_util read the correct id string etc ?22:39
yootisthe only thing I can't get to work is litescope22:39
yootisActually, maybe I'm nuts.  I copied the docs where it says how to add the analyzer, but how does it know whether to connect it to PCIe or JTAG?23:20

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