Sunday, 2021-08-22

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david-sawatzke[malainlou: FYI, I've found an example for storing the bios in the external spi flash:
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MelkhiorThe awesome power of Litex:
_florent_mithro: Scalenode seems interesting, I also bought some hardware some time ago to build to create a local regression bench but haven't set it up yet16:16
_florent_Melkhior: Nice, thanks for sharing16:17
Melkhior_florent_: thanks for Litex :-)16:20
MelkhiorBTW for the cheap DECA board, there's a controller now:
tpbTitle: BrianHG_DDR3_CONTROLLER open source DDR3 controller. - Page 1 (at
Melkhiorversion 1.0 should land soon16:22
alainlouthanks david-sawatzke[m! I'll need to have a look!16:47
alainlouhappy sunday everyone! sorry to disturb but I'm kinda stuck on a problem and would appreciate any help!
Melkhioralainlou: looks like a speed mismatch, but I guess you already double-checked the settings on lxterm ? (as you've clearly checked on the UART size!)17:47
Melkhioryou might want to try minicom just to be sure17:48
alainlouhey Melkhior, thanks for the tip - yea unfortunately I get the same problem :(18:57
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jevinskie[m]What’s the name for the ddr3l mode where everything is done single data rate?21:08
tntslow ?21:41
Wolf0_florent_: nice! thanks!22:39
Wolf0I've tried it on four FPGAs so far, three boards (one board is dual-FPGA)22:39
Wolf0Only one of them takes 1200Mhz on the HBM2. :322:39
jevinskie[m]tnt: yeah but also perhaps simpler and lower latency :)23:59

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