Thursday, 2019-07-25

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_florent_CarlFK: the hello world for LiteX is lxsim or simple target18:39
_florent_for lxsim, just install everything and type lxsim :)18:39
_florent_for simple target go to platforms/targets directory and execute ./ litex.boards.platforms.arty18:40
CarlFKis there a wiki i can point people to?18:41
_florent_not really, the best wiki is the litex-buildenv wiki19:42
CarlFKin about 16 hours will be 12ish people wanting to know how to "get started" and we don't really have a good answer19:56
_florent_The README should gives direction on how to get started20:13
_florent_The quick start guide explain how to install things a run the lxsim20:14
_florent_This allow testing things without installing a FPGA toolchain (only verilator)20:15
_florent_you can also find some introduction to FPGA/Migen/LiteX here:
tpbTitle: GitHub - litex-hub/fpga_101: FPGA 101 lessons/labs (at
_florent_and tutorials20:16
CarlFKthat looks good - thanks20:31
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