Wednesday, 2019-07-24

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xobsCarlFK: honestly, the whole openocd thing was mostly a hack.03:32
xobsThe idea was to use "openocd.exe" by wrapping it in a script, but the problem was that litex-buildenv has custom openocd scripts that need to be used.03:32
xobsReally, all you need to do is get the custom openocd scripts into the windows "openocd/share/openocd/scripts" directory and it'll just work.03:33
CarlFKis there a sudo command for win?03:36
CarlFKoh wait, "power shell as admin" should be all that03:36
xobs"runas" would be the command.  Or you could hit Windows-X and start "Windows Powershell (Admin)"04:46
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CarlFKrunas  - huh.04:53
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futarisIRCcloudFriendly reminder. CFP close soon, on 28 July.08:56
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CarlFKis there a 'hello world' for litex?  or is that micro python :p23:00
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