Friday, 2019-07-05

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keesjhow do I build the emulator/emulator.bin  in linux-on-vexriscv and why does it get flashed to the board?07:51
keesjIs this the normal expected output
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
keesjI would fancy a shell08:22
keesjloading the pre-build kernel using lxterm has the same effect  (only booting from 0x400_0000 v.s. 0x2000_0000 in the example above)08:39
keesjok there is documentation talking about txterm --images=images.json going to give this a try08:45
keesjok that is better the first "bootloader" is the emulator.bin to be loaded at 0x2000_000009:35
tpbTitle: [email protected]:~/projects/linux-on-litex/linux-on-litex-vexriscv$ lxterm --images=ima - (at
keesjI *is* really cool to run Linux on top of risc-v on top of an fpga and using a real mmu and real memory...09:50
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